How to cook pancakes?

Ever since the ninth century, our ancestors enjoyed the crispy pancakes - they loved them not only as a tasty dish, but also revered as the pancakes are like the sun, and Jari was the chief god of the Slavic pagan pantheon.Since that time, the pancakes are present at any table - they are always welcome, both adults and children, and even those who follow the figure is not held by a pair of warm, soft pancakes.And in such a holiday as Mardi Gras, the remainder of us since the days of paganism, suggests that pancakes - Russian cuisine signature dish.Before you cook the pancakes, performed a ritual, come down to us from ancient times.Recipes their spread around the world, their baked with different fillings, on a different basis, but only we have the best pancakes, the most delicious.

How to cook delicious pancakes?This question and simple, but at the same time complicated.Recipe for pancakes themselves are not difficult, but you need to approach the matter with a special ability, with the soul.So, before you cook the pancakes, you need to have the ingredients: half a liter of milk, three eggs, a glass slide with flour, two tablespoons of sugar, vegetable oil, about a quarter cup.To prepare the base, stir eggs in the container.Best of all, if you do it a whisk or electric mixer - then the pancakes will be airy and very soft.After the yolk and albumen together completely dissolved, add the salt (pinch) and sugar.Here it is possible to repay the soda on the tip of a teaspoon.After that, pour in the milk, and if a thick pancakes - little boiled water.This also add flour and stir to avoid lumps.By its consistency dough should resemble liquid cream.Note that the thicker the dough, the thicker pancakes are obtained.If you do not know how to cook pancakes, do not despair - not only with time will come, experience and own methods.

pan on the stove to cook pancakes.It is desirable that this was a special pancake pan with low bumpers.Heats it and grease with vegetable oil, which dipped to half raw potatoes.This is to ensure that the pancakes are well filmed.Some housewives smeared with lard or grease the pan, but then pancakes may have a corresponding odor.Once poured the pancake, you must ensure that it is not burnt.It should be slightly rosy, but not dark.If pancake rollover breaks, the dough can add one egg - it "holds" a lot.

Pancakes are good, and as a separate dish, but also stuffed with goodies.They can not just stuff, but along the way to decorate, creating true masterpieces.To do this, the hostess is always at hand should be green.If you plan to stuff crepes savory filling, then the dough itself can saharit smaller, and after the first pancake taste.If the filling is sweet, and it may be slightly sweeten pancakes.

So, how to cook pancakes with stuffing?In the first place, we determined with stuffing.If it's beef, it should be overcook the onion and carrot, and then wrapped in a pancake.Another option - pancakes rolled in a bag and tied with green onions and mushrooms inside them (mushrooms with chicken overcook).This dish is served with soy sauce.You can wrap in a pancake stewed cabbage, and you can - mashed potatoes with onions and mushrooms.The constant companion of the dishes - cream, which is supplied to the table separately in a special container.

looks very beautiful eggs in pancakes.They are baked in small, fold the cone and the cone is placed deep into the red caviar.

The pancakes can be wrapped cheese, jam, honey, condensed milk with finely crushed nuts.In addition, you can take and alternative filling - bananas, kiwi, prunes.These pancakes on the fan, but they have their admirers.