Interest on deposits in banks in Moscow.

Moscow is the central branch of the majority of Russian banks.That is why anyone get income from the investment of deposits will be able to find a suitable option.What are the interest rates on deposits in banks operating in Moscow today?This issue is of concern to all who wish to place their money.

in which bank is better to bear the savings?

Now our country is experiencing is not the best of times in its history.The lack of significant growth in the economy may affect the stability of the financial system.That is why it is important to determine how reliable commercial banks.An unambiguous answer to difficult.Analysts are advised to study in detail the most current situation in the institution, which is interested in the potential client, and only then make a final decision about the banks deposits, a high percentage.

Moscow - a city in which problems with the quality option should arise.Today both state and commercial banks are participants of deposit insurance.This factor ensures refund of the client, even in the event of liquidation of a financial institution.Let's take a closer look at the best interest rates on deposits in banks in Moscow.

Foreign currency deposits in Russian

How profitable today to keep their savings in foreign currency?The maximum interest rates on deposits in banks in Moscow in dollars rarely exceed 6% per annum.We see that the rate itself is relatively low.However, making out a deposit in foreign currency, you get an absolute guarantee of the preservation and growth of your assets.It's not about ratings, but about the real meaning of numbers.What does it mean?Not so long ago the dollar was worth about 40 p., But now 50-60 rubles.Customers who bought dollars and then issued currency deposit today will benefit.Firstly, they will earn on interest, and secondly, the exchange dollars for rubles will have a much greater amount than the cost for buying the currency.

Interest on deposits in banks in Moscow (currency)

What rates can now be found in the Russian financial institutions on foreign currency deposits?For example, JSC "United Credit Bank" offers the deposit "Currency prestige."When placing the funds for one year the client will receive 8% per annum.Thus there is no possibility of the capitalization of interest, but you can fill up the contribution.If the client at the end of the term of the contract does not come for the money, there avtoprolongatsiya deposit for the same period at an interest rate that is currently in effect.These same interests also offers its customers "Arksbank."But "Vneshprombank" has developed several types of deposits in US dollars.Contribution "maximum income" (interest rate ranges from 2.5 to 7.5%) suggests gradually increasing the income of the client.

The same principle is laid down in the yield of other deposits:

  • "Honourable customer" - the rate increases from 5.2 to 7.5% per annum;
  • "universal control" - the profit will be from 3.7 to 6.3%;
  • place a deposit "free access", you will be able to receive revenue from 4.45 to 7.00%.

"Bank of Moscow": foreign currency deposits, interest

The "BM Bank" deposit can be opened in the offices of the institution, and through the Internet.This, incidentally, is very convenient for people who do not have time to come to the branch.The most advanced customer bank - a "Bank of Moscow".Deposits at interest in this institution, may not have such a yield, as in some other structures.The advantage of "BM" - a high quality customer service, many years' experience of presence in the international banking market, the confidence of investors.

minimum deposit "maximum income" is $ 100 or 100 euros.The interest rate depends on the deposit term and amount.For example, if you post 100 to $ 20,000 for 91 days, then your interest rate will be 1.35% per annum.If you make the same amount in the 550 days the rate was 1.7%.

contribution "maximum growth" is not as profitable, but no less popular.It provides a chance to recharge and interest capitalization.As an example, take the same amount and the same time.The interest rate on the deposit at 90 days was 1.25% per annum and with a term of 550 days - 1.6%.

"Bank of Moscow" offers another interesting contribution to the currency - "maximum comfort".What are the conditions of this deposit?Term deposit in the range from 91 to 1095 days the customer chooses their own.The minimum amount of the first contribution of funds in the currency of $ 100 or 100 euros.Interest is paid monthly.At the customer's choice it may be their capitalization or payment of a separate card.

What rate the bank offers its customers?When placing the funds in US dollars (eg, $ 1,000) on the 91-day client's income was 1.15%.Yes, the rate is small, but still ... Terms contributions provide unlimited possibilities: take the money and deposit can be replenished without limitations.In fact, it is a regular checking account, only the "Bank of Moscow" deposit rates have always puts high (as possible).

Deposits in national currency

deposits in rubles offer almost all the banks in Moscow.Deposits best interest thereon and conditions, we shall now discuss.

At the moment, has become very popular, "City Bank".By program "Urgent to investment products" and "Term insurance with accumulation of" customer revenue for the year will receive 18% of the deposit amount.However, there is not provided the possibility of depositing and withdrawing funds during the whole period of the contract.The minimum deposit amount in rubles is 30 thousand rubles.

interesting variant offers "Home Credit Bank".The program is called "Profitable year with capitalization."One of the advantages of the deposit can be seen in the title.The rate is 17.23% per annum.Terms provide for replenishment.The minimum duration of the contract - 12 months.

Deposit Program of the bank "Trust", "Honourable customer" attracted good interest rate (15.25%).What's interesting about this contribution?The Bank has not provided for the possibility of replenishment and withdrawal of funds throughout the term of the contract, which is at least 12 months.

Foreign currency deposits in other banks Russian

Optimal conditions offer many Russian banks (deposits, a high percentage).Moscow - the center of Russia, not the United States, so it is very high interest rates on foreign currency deposits there will never be.Analyzing the statistics of domestic banks, we see not very comforting picture: one of the highest interest rates on dollar deposits is fixed at a financial institution "Trust" and it is only 6.25%.Further, several structures offer customers to place money at 6% per annum ("MDM leader," "Russian Standard", "BIN Bank").Other financial institutions are even worse conditions.

Conclusion Of course, everyone make for the deposit must take all decisions on their own, but should listen to the opinion of experts.Financial experts believe that it is better to place the money in the national currency, and not bought at too high a rate.

Successful you earnings!