Mass media as an essential attribute of human life

Mass media include magazines, newspapers and television.Quite often they are associated with entertainment, which is why many people prefer not to waste my time on them, but this view is fundamentally wrong.

Mass communication affects almost every aspect of modern life.For example, all financial transactions related to the specific exchange of information between devices.The bank account - it's not a bunch of precious papers, firmly hidden in armored safes, a certain sequence of numbers that is printed on the tape and stored in a map database.

Television and newspapers also have a significant impact on our world.This is not only due to the specific impact on our positions, but also due to the fact that they provide access to knowledge, from which depends largely on public life.

Newspaper Practice

considered the prototype of modern newspapers and pamphlets, leaflets, common in the 18th century.After some time, they have gained considerable readership and began to be issued on a daily basis.In t

he history of the newspaper media has become a very important achievement, as it offers a variety of information in a simple and easy to realize the form.It contains not only a chronicle of events and entertainment, along with advertising.More than half a century

newspaper held a dominant position in a fast and efficient transfer of important information to the broad masses of readers.With the advent of cinema, radio and television the role of newspapers has decreased significantly.Mass media have done their job, and if in the 60s in Britain every household acquired more than one daily newspaper, now the press was sold twice as worse.

Television and its influence

ever-increasing influence of television - is one of the most important achievements of the world's media in recent times.Modern trends suggest that within 18 years, each person will spend more time watching television than any other occupation except sleep.Virtually every modern family with a TV.On average for people watching different TV shows at least 3 hours per day.

The advent of TV has had a huge impact on the media and human life in general.


separate niche among the mass media covers the Internet.All information contained in the global network, it is much more affordable compared to newspapers and television.Furthermore, it is constantly updated, without limiting the scope and accompanied by a graphic information.

non-technical means of mass communication

There are also interpersonal communications.The most common among them can be considered as communication between the speaker and the audience.Earlier oratory was considered the main form of mass communication, which allows you to promote anything or anyone.Currently this method is closely intertwined with the hardware, forming a so-called symbiosis.The most striking example can be considered a political speech in abundance broadcast on all channels during the election campaign.

There are two functions of mass communication - and this is personal information.It provides personal interaction between people and information in the process of promoting the new information.Both of these functions are closely linked.Interaction between individuals is ensured by dissemination, but not limited to information processes fully.

more detailed and specific to the study of the issue of communication science approach "sociology of mass communications."She studies a direct impact on their rights and on his life as a whole, allowing you to fully appreciate the importance of the media in everyday life.