"Voivod" (Rocket): Features an intercontinental ballistic missile

«Voivod" - a rocket, which refers to intercontinental missiles and heavy class was developed in Ukraine.The complex was designed to engage different types of targets, which are protected by modern means of missile defense, and they are applied under any fights.

missile forces - the power

Russian Strategic Missile Forces are special because they are the main component of the strategic nuclear forces of the country.The main task of missile systems - deter possible aggression and hit different types of strokes strategic targets of the enemy.As part of the missile Russian special forces of the army and three rocket 12 rocket connections.Armament complexes - a 6 types of missiles 4th and 5th generations, three of which are based in the mines, three - have a mobile basing clay.

most powerful missile system in the world is considered to be a ballistic missile "Voivod".It is able to deliver about 10 warheads weighing 8 tons at a distance of 11.5 thousand kilometers.Its specifications are in many ways better than the most powerful American complexes.

How were tested

first test missile system have fallen further in 1986 - they were held in Baikonur.And after a couple of years, the complex was put into service, after which it was tested with different types of warheads."Voivod" - a rocket, which is considered one of the most powerful among the intercontinental.Technological equipment of the complex is not equal among peers around the world, and a high level of performance characteristics is a guarantee that with the help of a rocket can be easy to maintain military and strategic parity.

worth noting that the "Voivod" tested is difficult because of the 43 successful launches were only 36. And the first launch ended in failure: the rocket, came out of the mine, fell back into the trunk, there were no casualties.But subsequent tests have been safely and successfully, and "Voivod" (aka "Satan") was recognized as one of the most reliable in the world.It is planned that the missile would be in service right up to 2022, and then is supposed to replace the rocket "Voivod" modern intercontinental ballistic missile "Sarmat".

main objectives during development manufacturers aim to ensure a new level of performance characteristics and high combat effectiveness.As a consequence, an intercontinental ballistic missile "Voivod" was developed in the following areas:

  1. increases survivability CP and CP.
  2. provides a stable command and control in all conditions of use of the complex.
  3. broaden the operational capabilities retargeting of missiles, especially when shooting unplanned target indications.The speed of the rocket "Voivod" and the start-up of full combat readiness affects performance - they can not be compared by any other missile system in the world.
  4. provides resistance missiles in flight to the damaging factors from the ground and high-altitude nuclear explosions.
  5. increase the autonomy of the complex.
  6. increases the lifetime warranty rocket launcher.

complex "Voivod" - a rocket, which is reliable operation and survivability is several times larger than many missile systems.

What are the characteristics?

during testing rocket gained greater resistance to various influences.Combat use of the complex was the effective and expeditious due to several factors:

  1. accuracy of the complex was increased 1.3-fold.
  2. charges began to apply more power.
  3. The area of ​​cultivation of warheads has increased 2.3 times.
  4. The complex is run from different modes.
  5. nuclear missiles "Voivod" was run three times longer in a mode of autonomy.
  6. Time readiness halved.

By equipping the complex progressive technical solutions he began to have the best energy capabilities.

system depreciation

Development missile system was conducted on the basis of the achievements of the past with the use of the maximum available modern engineering structures and communications systems.As a consequence, "Voivod" - a rocket, which is characterized by high efficiency, working on liquid fuel, fully ampulizirovana and designed to destroy critical facilities in different ranges of distance.The development of the missile was conducted in a two-stage scheme in which sequentially staggering and systems breeders basic elements of equipment.The energy capabilities of the complex have been increased due to several factors:

  1. been improved engine performance, introduced the optimal scheme of shutdown control.
  2. The cavity fuel propulsion system was completed Level II.
  3. improvement were the aerodynamic characteristics.

Propulsion breeding - a four-chamber rocket engine, which is equipped with a rotary combustion chambers - they are nominated in flight position.The rocket is also used universal fluid system, which has become the key to fast, high-quality assembly of the factory.

Management Features

intercontinental ballistic missile "Voivod" is controlled by the combat unit, which has the shape of biconical body and has minimal aerodynamic drag.It thinks up a missile control system in such a way as to achieve several goals:

  1. provides performance after effects of a nuclear explosion in flight.
  2. divorce warheads maximize high-precision.
  3. use the direct method of guidance, does not require special training flight mission.
  4. provides remote targeting.

Especially for these tasks rocket equipped with a powerful on-board computer complex.Rocket "Voivod", the characteristics of which inspire fear, features unique combat and operational characteristics.All the characteristics of the complex are confirmed by numerous tests in the air and on the ground.Conducted missile launches have shown that it is reliable.

most powerful in the world

«Voivod" - missile system, which came on combat duty in the last century.In 1979, General Designer of VF Utkin suggested a new technical solution relating to the missile system.In 1992 he was deployed about 88 launchers, the missile remains the most powerful and difficult in the world.Its weight - more than 200 tons, and the total one salvo missile division of power equal to 13,000 atomic bombs.

R-36M2 "Voivod" is equipped with advanced and modernized set of tools that can overcome the missile defense system and to break through the SDI.The missiles have a 10 warheads, which are covered resettable fairing in flight - they are placed on a special frame in two rows.Rocket engine - a four-chamber rocket engine, which has a rotary combustion chamber - they are put forward in a working condition during the flight.

main differences

  1. Rocket is highly resistant to the damaging factors as a result of a nuclear explosion.
  2. It can be started even after the enemy struck at the positions of the missile system.
  3. Special dark thermal barrier coating facilitates the passage of the rocket through a cloud of dust, which is formed after a nuclear explosion.This coating provides survivability missile system.
  4. missile is equipped with special sensors, which measure the neutron and gamma radiation by registering a dangerous level.When the rocket goes nuclear "mushroom", the control system is switched off, the engine continues to work.
  5. to create the rocket body used high-strength materials - aluminum-magnesium cold-worked (reinforced) alloy.
  6. intercontinental ballistic missile "Voivod" is an elaborate control system, which is hidden in a sealed housing of the instrument compartment.The system remains stable as long as the rocket leaves the danger zone.Thereafter, automatic turn on, and the control system is corrected trajectory complex.
  7. Pneumohydraulic missile system is simple, it is quite small circuit elements.Accordingly, no need for maintenance.

missile system fueled by aggressive components of the liquid fuel, but it is in readiness around 25 years.To adapt to the difficult conditions of combat rocket engines: they increased their cravings, made more resistant basic system and elements of the complex.

Features "Governors»

missile "Satan" ("Voivod") is a multi-purpose and designed to engage a variety of purposes.The special features of the complex include the following:

  1. Start runs from the mine.
  2. two-stage rocket and runs on high-fuel components.
  3. management system of automatically, based on the onboard computer.
  4. may apply different types of warheads (warheads).
  5. know-how embodied in the only rocket - launched mortar.


There are several modifications of the "Governors".First - R-36M UTTKh, which is a third-generation missile system.He is able to hit a missile up to 10 targets, including a particularly large or small goals in the square.This complex has high accuracy of fire, an increase in the number of warheads.

«Dnepr" - created on the basis of a complex "Voivod" rocket.Photo shows that this is a modified rocket, which underwent further refinement and stabilization of the orientation engines, control system, and use an elongated nose fairing.

main prospects

Initially deadline alerting missiles "Voivod" was put on in 2018, and now we are talking about the year 2026.Experts say that the missile system already exceeded the warranty period, and the period of its alert status is already about 24 years old.Currently, works are carried out in order to increase the life of the missiles up to 30 years, so it is planned to keep the complex in the battle of the Strategic Missile Forces until 2022.

Experts believe that increase the maximum possible service life of missiles "Voivod" is possible thanks to the fact that they are different technical perfection that is reflected in the design and technological solutions of the complexes.It was also noted that "Voivod" RS-20V will be in the battle of the Russian missile forces until 2026.


missile system "Voivod" is unique: the first launched in 1986, it caused a lot of controversy and differences of opinion.What cost only failed launches, which could put an end to these complexes ... But timely modernization and the use of modern technology has led to the missile "Voivod" eventually became the most powerful and difficult in the world, hitting these indicators in the Guinness Book of RecordsGuinness.Thanks to intelligent design and perfect the system, which is equipped with a missile, it is armed in readiness for a quarter century.

missile system "Voivod" ("Satan") is good because he is invulnerable to missile defense as a complex warheads in flight accompanied by false blocks.The area of ​​dispersal and plasma tracks are the same as in real warheads that confuses the enemy.In addition, it is very secure weapons, located in inaccessible to attack enemy mines.And most importantly: the complex can stay in preserved condition about 10 years, and only 30 seconds to start the start.