How much water is in a man, and it is necessary to drink a lot of water?

Many have heard since childhood that man is 80% water.Some experts believe that this figure is exaggerated.Let's try to figure out how much water a person, what is considered a normal figure, how it changes in different situations of human existence, the role in the life of the human body plays a water-salt metabolism, and why you need to drink plenty of water.

Water and age

amount of water in the body of each of us varies considerably with age.The younger the person is, the more it it.For example, monthly embryo contains 97% water, just born baby - 80%.With age, people like to "dry up" the elderly consist of water only 57%.So a simple answer to a question, how much water is in man depends primarily on age.Furthermore, in various organs of the human body it varies its content.It is known that most of it in the brain - to 85%.

water and disease

scientifically proven that 70% of people experience mild dehydration.This is often attributed to increased fatigue during the day, the deterioration of t

he brain (he suffers from dehydration very first), and other common ailments.Scientific studies have led to interesting results: only the consumption of water in a sufficient amount capable of reducing the probability of developing colorectal cancer by 45%, bladder - 50%.One of the most common, unfortunately, cancer, namely breast cancer, also be extended under normal fluid intake.
to deterioration of health is sufficient that the water content in the body decreased by only 2% of normal.How do you determine how much water is in a person - the norm?

Average water content

turns out that age is not the only thing that affects this figure.Much depends on the human body.People of normal weight (normal weight - height in centimeters minus 100 cm, plus or minus 5 kg, however, detection systems, there are many weight) contain about 65% water.This figure is considered normal.In any case, it results in the textbook "Normal physiology" Smirnova, determining how much water is in the person.

worst case people with increased fullness, the water is replaced by their lipid content may fall to 55% or less (depending on the degree of obesity).But thin people can consist of 70% water.

Why do we need water?

work of any living organism is based on the consumption of nutrients and excretion of metabolic products.Once inside, along with useful harmful substances neutralize liver.But the removal of waste substances unnecessary busy kidneys.They have to display a variety of salts, acids, stress hormones (adrenaline is the same).But for normal kidney concentration of these substances should not be much higher, and is capable of dissolving only water.Otherwise, over time develops kidney failure, ie the kidneys can not cope with the work and output, not all toxins from the body.The remaining suspended solids form a sand and stones in the kidneys with all its consequences.
Harmful substances accumulate in the body, it leads to chronic intoxication.The result - almost all of our diseases.Therefore, not even the important question of how much water a person in as much as it needs to be consumed, so that the body running smoothly in normal mode.

How much should you drink water?

What do the doctors when it comes to patient with poisoning?Wash the stomach, intestines and blood (put a drip with water or isotonic solution).In such emergency conditions entire intracellular fluid is replaced for several days.Normally (as the doctors say) this should be done within 25 - 30 days.In practice, most people nedopotreblyaet liquid and renew your body in about 160 days.In fact, very sad figure.
But everyone can help themselves.The rate of fluid intake actually also depends on how much a person is out of the water on his age, occupation and even the time of year.For example, for a person weighing 60 kg, this rule should not be less than 1.8 liters.