How to tune in to the creative work?

You have to hard work to writing lyrics?

often happens that already have an idea, plan, outline, but do not want to bring them "to mind", to develop further.

This inhibitory state, even impossible to write a coherent sentence on a given topic, the internal barrier and stands guard itself from that routine, which is inevitable when serious work.

body is protected from "unnecessary work".You can start to push yourself, or to suggest using some verbal formulas.But "Hard steadfast knowledge."

not so easy this issue, to immediately and easily succumb.
must look for detours.

Method: "The creative spirit - or leisurely letter calligraphy"

First you need to try to write something neat, crisp handwriting on the planned work.You can start with simple phrases.If the internal resistance of this undertaking remains strong, it can distract from the meaning and focus only on the right, the beautiful writing individual letters or words.After some time, this thing will seem pleasant and even fun.Then you can in the same unhurried, calligraphy (or measured) handwriting to write on important thoughts and interesting quotes from scanned literature, make brief notes.Behind the scenes, as it were, by themselves, the ideas start to appear on the content of the work.A desire to write, and the text itself.

mechanism of action of the method is simple.
body resists weathered earlier negative emotions, unpleasant states: nervousness, haste, time trouble.When you do not have time to do something, quickly record a lot of information (eg, lectures) in a short time make written work, etc.All this unknowingly deposited in the memory, but the peculiar way - as a symbol of the ban.

problem is focused on the process of writing as a symbol of unpleasant experiences.That is, when there are signs (of association) of the work, there is resistance to the letter and the work on the preparation and writing of the text that is shown reluctance to do anything at all.

Strong writing the text of the hand means that you overcome a negative perception of the problem.This is a signal to the body that there is nothing more to fear, and you can continue working.The same association with the process of writing now carry a positive charge.Too many have to deal with it, from school age, and almost constantly.Letter - is an important component of the activity of the brain and body.

Hence, if will be a pleasant process of writing by hand, it will be attractive and literary work as a whole.Motivation eliminates all the difficulties involved.When the psychological barrier is overcome, you can start typing text on the keyboard.

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