Payroll Bank

More literally 10-15 years of banking services used not many Russian citizens, then today the situation is completely the opposite.Banks take any part in the life of almost every one of us.Salary projects bank, pension and social cards, payments and transfers, and still very much a modern man ties with financial institutions.

This article will focus on this form of banking services, such as payroll.

Why pay salaries on bank cards?

Very few organizations are now paid a salary to employees through its own cash.Most performs this operation, using the services of banks.

question arises: "What is the benefit?" Everything is simple enough.Using banking institutions for the payment of wages, the employer does not need to own the content of a large number of cashiers and other staff, which is associated with the calculations of wages to workers.

Even despite the fact that we have to deduct some of the interest (payments) to the bank for his services, this form of payment is still profitable.At the same time, if the agreement concluded with the bank, which provides services at a high level, it remains satisfied every participant of the salary project.

who concludes such projects?

enters into a contract with a bank director of the company, together with the chief accountant, or make it their authorized persons, who have the appropriate powers of attorney to conduct transactions on their behalf.

If the organization is new, it is mainly its representatives will apply to the bank, find out the conditions and contract.But if the company has served some bank, other financial institutions are constantly broadcast their business proposals, including the proposed payroll.

And much easier to attract the newly opened organization than the one that has entered into an agreement with another bank.In the struggle for market share of financial services, banks are willing to do anything to avoid losing customers, who already won once.Therefore, created very favorable conditions (for example, free transfer), which is almost impossible to get around.

At the time of conclusion of the contract of the bank usually present head of department and financial consultant who specializes in corporate banking.

How to enter into contracts for salary projects?

First, the company must provide the foundation documents of the bank and may require some additional evidence and information.

After a full review of authorized employees of the enterprise with all rates and conditions the parties conclude an agreement.Salary projects involve the transfer of the banks in the bank a list of employees and their photocopies of documents required for identification, as well as the issuance of new cards, which will be transferred to their wages.

After the release of the cards there are two ways of issue.First - this is when the bank's representatives come to the company and there is a receipt issued to each employee personally like the card and PIN.Second - this is where the company's employees on their own turn to the bank and get a card with a PIN code in the offices.

second option often occurs when staff members were absent at the time of arrival of the bank's employees for mass issuance of cards due to illness or any other.

analyzing the current bank offers financial services market, it is possible to distinguish five levels of salary projects.

low level

This level is the most common.It is very cheap for the company, as it does not involve any additional services.If the company is just beginning to work with the bank, the first thing chooses a salary project.Sberbank, for example, for the service of such a product takes only 300 rubles.per month.Most often, this option is salary project proposed budget organizations.

standard level for servicing the salary project of the standard level, the company pays a slightly larger amount, but it receives a large number of additional services: reduced fees for calculations, free SMS notifications for all employees.

Gold level Gold level involves issuing staff payroll cards of high quality.Some banks offer at this level chipovannye cards which are more secure than standard.For example, a salary project Savings Bank offers enterprises for 3000 rubles.per month.

Platinum level

This level of service requires a higher level.The cost of this package is quite high and not affordable for every company.This level includes all the advantages of the lower levels, as well as some other means.For example, banks offer free replacement cards in case of loss, the insurance of property of the owner, as well as medical life insurance, which acts on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.

Premium level

premium levels offered, not all banking institutions.And those who provide such a service, it does not provide all the cities, where there is separation, only in those where there is a demand.Service of such package is quite expensive, but it includes many advantages: discounts in shops, hotels, the presence of a dedicated personal operator hotline and much more.

customers with cards that level, classified as VIP-clients.

conditions in all banks are different, and the list above is the average, which is made by comparing the proposals of the largest banks conducting their activities in the territory of the Russian Federation.

If you think over what level of salary project to choose, you should not immediately conclude contract on platinum or premium.Remember that even low levels can be quite attractive, as long as a banking institution to fulfill its commitment and quality service as the company's management, and ordinary working people.