Frigate "Admiral Kasatonov" (photo)

countries bordering the sea, should also have a combat-capable fleet to protect its coast.It always has been, since rowing ships of the ancient world to modern frigates, aircraft carriers and submarines.Frigate "Admiral Kasatonov" is representative of a new era in Russian shipbuilding.

Project 22350

Creating a new generation of ships of the Navy of Russia - is the need of today.Modern frigate combines the characteristics of artillery and anti-warship.It is more versatile, fast and versatile.In such a ship can address the security of the country, to carry out military assault on the enemy as being under water and in the air and on the water and on land.

example of this is a warship Frigate Project 22350 "Admiral Kasatonov."Technical support frigate allows massed both near shore and in remote maritime areas.

for this project Russia will replenish the fleet of 20 new patrol frigate class ships.Their distinguishing features will combat power, high speed and versatility.

In 2003, the project was laid 22350. "Admiral Kasatonov" is the second frigate, the construction of which was laid in 2009.In February 2006 started construction of the first warship - "Admiral Gorshkov".

Admiral Vladimir Kasatonov

Afanasievich Kasatonov was born in 07/21/1910 in the Peterhof Since 1927 he began his service in the Soviet Navy, his shoulders Naval Academy named after Frunze, commander courses Detachment diving service to underwaterboat in the Baltic District Command Division.During the Great Patriotic War, Vladimir Afanasievich served as chief of operations at the main headquarters of the Navy.In 1945 he was awarded the title of Merit of Rear Admiral.

subsequent career of Rear Admiral Kasatonov - is responsible positions in the Navy, involved in helping North Korea, awarding the title of admiral in 1955. Merit for the country during the Caribbean crisis Admiral Kasatonov in 1965 awarded the title of Admiral of the Fleet,and in 1966 - the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, the Order of "Lenin" and "Gold Star".He died and was buried Admiral Kasatonov in Moscow at the Novodevichy cemetery in 1989

Dynasty Kasatonov

son and grandson of Vladimir Afanasevicha continued glorious dynasty of sailors.They were present at the ceremony on the occasion of laying a new frigate.Thus, the grandson of the great hero, Rear Admiral Vladimir L. Kasatonov, commander of the missile cruiser "Pyotr Veliky" and the son of his father's footsteps became Admiral of the Fleet.Last Kasatonov most famous among sailors of the Russian Navy, Vladimir Afanasievich and he became a hero not only the country but also the founder of a great military dynasty.

Frigate "Admiral Kasatonov", named in honor of the Hero of the Soviet Union, is the second in a series of patrol ships for the project 22350.

Bookmark frigate

celebrate the ancient custom tab to build a new vessel manufacturer suggested mortgage plank with a start date of construction.Also, it could be a coin minted in the year of laying a new vessel and an official document stating the date, the names of the customer and the project.

Frigate "Admiral Kasatonov" also took the traditional bookmark commemorative plaque.Alexander Ushakov - Chief of "Severnaya Verf" - announced that the ship was laid 26.11.2009 in St. Petersburg on "Severnaya Verf" shipyard at number 922 on the draft 22350. Developers frigate - engineers shipbuilders shipyard.The board wrapped in foil and fabric of asbestos, and then laid in the mortgage unit.As the construction of it will be in the engine room.

Bookmark the second frigate "Admiral Vladimir Kasatonov" in such a short period of time represents the thrust of Russia's leadership to complete the modernization of the navy, as evidenced by the scale of the project 22350.

Lighting construction

Another solemn ritual before construction of the new vessel - is the lighting condition Shareand the blessing of the builders, who will deal with them.This ceremony was performed rector of St. Nicholas Cathedral, which is known to all seafarers and their families.This is where services are held before sending sailors to march, and their relatives light candles for their health and a safe return home.

Father Bogdan hallowed shipyard and mortgage board and delivered a parting word to employees with hope and love accomplishes its affairs.Frigate "Admiral Kasatonov" was built in compliance with all the glorious maritime tradition, which gives reason to believe that its construction and launching will take place as planned designers.According to the plan the descent of the new frigates of the water was to be held in 2012.

Specification frigate

All ships entering 22350 into the project, "Admiral Kasatonov" including, have similar technical specifications:

  • vessel's 4,500 tonnes;
  • hull length of 130 m;
  • frigate width of 16 m;
  • draft of 4.5 m;
  • boat speed of 30 knots;
  • equipment - missile system "Caliber-NK", which includes warheads "Onyx" and "Caliber" having the ability to hit targets on water and on land and in the air;
  • of the aviation equipment includes a helicopter of the frigate;
  • ASW consists of a complex "package";
  • artillery systems, anti-aircraft missile complex, and two rocket-artillery systems "Broadsword" - not a complete list of equipment frigate.

By all measures, a completely new kind of warships capable of performing multiple missions.The first frigate "Admiral Gorshkov" has already been successfully tested on the water, and the descent of the second was held in 2014.

Launching the second frigate

Frigate "Admiral Kasatonov" was officially launched on 12.12.2014 year.It is not yet equipped with military installations and radars, but fully prepared to have to go through the initial test on the water.

Testing the engine room, the maneuverability of the ship takes time.Only after the initial trial of strength tests can be carried out the installation of a full ammunition and radars.After that begins the next phase of testing, checking his alertness and agility, with full equipment.

After these tests, the ship can be transferred in the navy for combat service.

Up Project 22350 Russian navy ships did not have this level.This court watchdog, fully adapted for multi-functional operations, for example, the protection of coasts, protecting them, keeping melee and ranged, preventing air attacks and "shock" from the water.

Missile launchers and other equipment frigate fully meets all requirements of a modern warship.

Severnaya Verf

Shipyard "Severnaya Verf" was founded as a "Putilovskaya shipyard" in 1912.Over a hundred years of production they built and launched more than 400 ships of various classes.

In fact, the construction of vessels to "Putilov" plant began in 1889, when there were first put boathouses of wood for the construction of surface ships such as the destroyer.

next stage - the creation of new shipyards for the construction of the mine cruisers, and later, in 1910, was built, and in 1911 launched the first destroyer with steam turbines.

glorious history of the production of "Severnaya Verf" helped him win a trend to build frigates of Project 22350 for the Russian Navy.Two ships of this project has been floated and tested.One of them - a frigate "Admiral Kasatonov."