Virtual map "Yandex": how to create?

Today there are many types of bank cards - debit, credit, and name embossed.With the development of technology and the Internet, a dynamic development and the virtual bank cards.What in general is a virtual card, "Yandex", how to use it, as well as user-friendly than its design will find out on.

What is a virtual card?

So all virtual card payment system, "Visa" or "Master Card" are special types of cards intended for payment for purchases or other product calculations via the Internet.Typically, these cards do not have a material carrier, accordingly, they can not be calculated in stores or to get money from an ATM.

Why best for calculations through the Internet is right for a virtual bank card "Yandex"?Its main advantage is the high level of security during the calculations, as well as an additional guarantee that your primary card can not be affected by the disappearance of the money in an unknown direction.

Perhaps you have heard about phishing, which is a different type of swindle with plastic cards for payments is through the Internet.What dangers can trap of the simple card?For example, you decide to purchase the goods through an online store and you are going to pay for the purchase of a simple card.To confirm payment, you have to specify the full card number, and in most cases also a special three-digit security code.It is understandable that the theory can be used store the received information for their own purposes, and the attacker intercepting the data can make payments for the purchase of another online store.

If you are using "Yandex" virtual card MasterCard and Visa, the risks are reduced to the very minimum.First of all, most of these cards there is a limitation on the limits and a limited duration.Some cards generally can be used only once, due to which even in the knowledge of a secret code number and re-use them fail.Others are virtual cards with the possibility of multiple use can operate for several months, but they have limited cash limit, that is, the attackers even if you wish you did not cause significant damage.

"Yandex" - a virtual card (Visa or MasterCard), which may be used only once.For example, you need something to pay for - created card, set the limit for certain calculations, the cost of procurement.

When you register virtual cards is also important financial aspect, that is, they are not available for free, so that each case should be compared, it would be more profitable and safe, constantly acquire new card or buy reusable.

how to calculate the virtual card?

Usually authenticity of a plastic card is verified by its number, expiration date, and a special security code - these parameters are entered at the time of payment.Accordingly, in the same way authenticate and pay for purchases via the Internet on ordinary bank cards.Only they have for greater security has come to the phone messages with one-time password for confirmation of payment.

Virtual map of "Yandex" - the card without the card

very difficult to dispute the fact that the use of credit cards is very convenient.They allow you to pay for purchases in stores, even if the bag is not cash.But to draw a card, you should contact the bank branch.But if you need it only for payments over the Internet, it is best to draw a virtual map.For example, a bank card, "Yandex" (virtual) will allow for payment via the Internet without any problems.In addition, it can help to pay utility bills, cell phones and other charges directly to the sofa.

How can I draw a virtual map "Yandex"?

It's all very simple.It is not necessary to handle somewhere in the office, it will be enough to enter the site "Yandex" and register the e-mail.Next, you need to log into your personal account, where you can order a card issue.To do this, go to "Money" and the plant itself eWallet.To him immediately and automatically produced and the card on the resource "Yandex".Create a virtual card and you can own.The site also has a corresponding section.After the release of the card must be activated, and it can be used.

much easier to make such a card, if you are already a user of "Yandex-mail."Paying with it you can only purchases made on the Internet.

Deposit card

Before you start to use the resulting map, you need to update your account.There are several ways to carry out this operation, and they are divided into three groups:

1. Payment with existing cards.

2. Deposit cash.

3. Transfer at stake, "Yandex" money from other resources.

If you are the owner of the card "Visa" or "Master Card", in a private office, go to deposit and from the list, select the appropriate line.Then a window will appear in which you must enter the required details and confirm the transfer to the card "Yandex".

In addition, a bank card, "Yandex" and can be recharged through an ATM.This can be done in the following banks:

- Sberbank - when replenishing card account fee is not charged even if you pay with the card of another bank.

- MTS Bank - Commission for completion and will be charged, but can only transfer funds to the cards issued by this bank.

- "Neryungribank" NOMOS-Bank, CPF "Golden Crown", "The Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development", "Holmskkombank", "ENERGOTRANSBANK" - these banks also charge a commission for transfer, but completion is only a map of the relevant bank.

- VTB 24 - the transfer commission at a rate of one percent, but not less than fifty nor more than two thousand.Admission only with cards of VTB-24.

- "Gazprombank" for such a service takes a three percent commission, and the transfer is carried out only with the cards.

- "Uraltransbank" takes a commission of three percent.Enrollment can be done with cards of any bank.

- "Chelyabinvestbank" (system "City") - The Commission is also three percentage points.You can transfer funds only with the cards of the bank.

to virtual card "Yandex" has been successfully recharged via ATM, you need to have the relevant bank card.The only exception is the Savings Bank, as through its terminals can even pay in cash.In addition, be sure to know the account number in the "Yandex".If you replenish your account through an ATM, the payment amount will be limited to fifteen thousand rubles.As for the Commission, it is better to check with the payment office.

If the card is not available, that is a great opportunity to recharge your account in cash:

- A self-service terminals.Using this method, you should look carefully at the amount of commission charged.Some terminals it does not take, and in others it can be up to ten percent.

- Make payment at the offices of the partners of this payment system.Here, too, the Commission may reach seven percent.Before delivery this time be sure to specify.

- Use a transfer system, for example, "Contact", "Unistream" or "Mail of Russia".

At the completion wallet "Yandex" in cash, set the same limitations as when paying by credit card.You just need to name your account number and the amount to fifteen thousand rubles.You can also make a transfer from the purse Web Money.The fee for such a transfer is about five percent.

Virtual map "Yandex" - how to pay for purchases?

Once the card will be issued and credited her account, you are ready to pay for purchases.The scheme is very simple and common to all the shops on the Internet.For the reason that the virtual card, "Yandex" has a payment system "MasterCard", at the time the payment is required to specify details of the card, and confirm the realization of payment.

choosing a payment method you want to be sure to be attentive and make sure that it is selected online payment card "MasterCard".In that situation will have to pay for the goods already in the preparation and not virtual, and normal map.

established tariffs, limits and commissions

paying for purchases via the Internet, remember to charge a fee, which have not only the usual card and virtual card "Yandex".User comments on this issue indicate that the amount of fees is not so great, so very convenient to use the card.Accordingly, the costs will be slightly higher than expected.

What do commission?

Additional charges will apply during the following operations:

1. Recharge "Yandex".Depending on which method is used for this operation, the commission can vary from 0 to 10 percent.This issue is sure to be clarified in the implementation of the transfer.

2. If you withdraw money from the card account, you will be charged a fee of three percent + more 15 rubles.If we use for output of any payment system, for example, "Contact", it also may be charged additional fees yet, but the system itself.

3. Release the finished cards "Yandex" will be free, but if necessary, its delivery by mail will have to pay 149 rubles (if the delivery is made within the country) or 199 rubles (if needed shipping abroad).

4. When transferring funds to the virtual card has a limit on the lump-sum payment, which amounts to fifteen thousand rubles.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the card are "Yandex"?

Issued card very easily and quickly.It only requires a computer with internet access.Among the advantages of this card include the following:

1. It is convenient to pay for the purchase in the online store.

2. The possibility of purchases on Google Play or App Store.

3. Payment cellular without commission.

4. Payment of various invoices automatically.

Be sure to keep in mind a possible fee for payments, so you should pre-calculate their costs.In addition, be sure to take care of security.Never, under any circumstances, tell anyone your login and password to avoid falling into a situation of unauthorized use by third parties.