In what year was formed, Apple, and who is its creator?

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In this age of information technology We all love a variety of computer news.Especially strongly shaking the world news from Apple.The presentation of the new phones, tablets and computers are always awaited with impatience, products sold out instantly ... But Have at least someone in what year formed the company Apple, what is its history, and about who was originally the creator?I propose to answer these questions.

history of Apple is very interesting and unusual.

Currently, there is a whole legend about the order in which year, Apple was formed and how it happened.Rumor has it that another 4 years before the birth of the first computer company Apple Steve Wozniak wonderful mother sent him a fateful article from the magazine called "Esquire", which had the title "Secrets of the blue box."It told about the so-called hackers that time, who found a way to penetrate the secret phone lines of the CIA and the US government.This article inspired Steve out to collect the same type of equipment.After some time, painstaking work he turned out something like this.

Steve Wozniak created the miracle box, and his friend Steve Jobs sold them.The guys are very heavily involved in the improvement of its system.Soon after Jobs was expelled from the college.

Time passed, but two Steve did not give up.During the day they worked, and at night designed his first Apple.History of the name Apple is also quite interesting.The idea is that name belongs to Jobs.Wozniak wanted to call the device "Ekzekyutek" or "Matrix Electronics."But the idea of ​​Steve Jobs took over, as it has one very important advantage - ranked first in the phone book.Now, in jest, to develop the story Apple.

So, the time has come to reveal the veil of secrecy over the main question of what year was formed by Apple.It was April 1, 1976.That same day, an agreement was signed on the establishment of the company.The staff consisted of three people, it included Wozniak, Jobs and Wayne.Last engaged in technical documentation.

To create the first copies of Apple, the guys had to sacrifice a lot.For example, Jobs sold the van and Wozniak - programmable calculator.

Jobs is looking for clients.This proved a difficult task, but soon the owner of the world's first network of computer stores made an order for 50 units, for each of which he was ready to pay $ 500.But he had one important condition: it had to be a holistic unit, since potential buyers would not want to build it piece by piece.

This order was both luck and misfortune.In the first batch of Apple devices it has been spent a huge amount of money.Products arrived on store shelves, but sold out very slowly.

But the company, in spite of everything, continue to develop, and by 1980 the number of its employees amounted to about a thousand.

Currently, few people wondering about what year, Apple was formed and what problems stood in the way of its development.Now it is a popular company that works with the most famous designers and programmers.Apple products are happy to buy both celebrities and ordinary people.