Butler - a valet or butler?

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Until the end of the 90s of last century in our country to answer the question of who is the butler could only employees of the Foreign Ministry so professors who teach geography.With the introduction of our very wealthy citizens arose demand for specialists in the household.Today in our country, Butler - a hired employee engaged in a variety of domestic issues wealthy and busy person.Let's see whether there is a difference between these professions, the footman, the butler and the butler, what each of them is engaged in and is responsible for what.


Initially specializing Butler, hence the word was feeding alcoholic drinks on the table, as well as maintenance and management of a wine cellar.That is the basic meaning of "butler" - a specialist in bottling.His duties included not only the decision on the replenishment of inventories and supplier selection, payment received bills for wine, but also the bottling of alcoholic beverages from barrels on the bottle.According to historical data, the largest number of Butler was during the reign of the British monarch as Victoria and Edward VIII.Current understanding of the basic functions of the profession differs significantly from those of a few centuries ago.

Modern particular profession

Today, Butler - a specialist rather broad profile, which in France is called the major-domo, in the United States - hauskhold manager, to create comfortable living conditions for the employer and his household.The range of his duties include:

1. Management and control of domestic staff - maids, drivers, nurses and others, as well as interaction with external organizations that provide the services, such as utilities.

2. Accounting of expenses on various items of the family budget.

3. Securing both the home and all living on its territory of people and animals.

4. Maintenance The all life support systems of housing and transportation and equipment.

Besides these basic duties, home owners can charge Butler:

  • Organization talks, celebrations;
  • reception;
  • hotel reservations or tickets;
  • support owners or members of their families to travel.

Thus, modern butler - a specialist for solving various problems unofficial his employer.

What should be able to?

Modern majordomo-Butler should know and be able to practice a lot: psychology and management, the basics of accounting and medical knowledge, nutrition and hygiene, interior and landscape design, etiquette and history of art, and much more.An important feature of this profession is the ability to store confidential information about his employer and his family.Thus, the idea that Butler - a valet or butler, only with a different name, it is absolutely not true.Indeed, the responsibility of such a specialist can get some similar action, but the overall specificity of the profession he has another.In order to understand all the features, consider the official hierarchy as it was in past centuries.

As it was in the best houses ...

immediately determine that until the beginning of the XX century butler - it was exclusively male profession, women were not allowed into it.So, the highest status among the hired staff possess bailiff or steward.Managing engaged in hiring and firing workers, and servants, allowing harvesting resolves claims of tenants and received from them a fee, and also led the financial records.At butler work in something similar to the control, but only in the house.He was a key custodian of all the storerooms, cellars and coffee shops, as well as employees hired for a variety of repair work in the building.

Butler was next status after the control or butler.His job was to monitor crystal and expensive china sets, utensils made of precious metals and, as necessary, to clean it.His responsibilities included the completion and wine cellars, bottling of spirits and their account.

next to the ranks located valet in charge of the wardrobe, shoes and the look of his master as a whole.It was accompanied by a gentleman's valet in shopping trips, as well as traveling.

waiters served a lot of diverse work in the home and on the street.Their job was to set the table and wait for the meal, serve tea and help Butler.Also, the waiter escorted mistress when she is sent to the guests wore baggage deters thieves lantern light, the Lord went out into the dark.

What are they?

Who and what batler and what it does, we understand.Today, however, it's not just experts, to solve various problems and managing the affairs of the houses.Every year, are becoming more popular Butler in the hospitality industry.Many boutique hotels and large international network of specialists prepared at any recruit finished the course in this specialty.The duties of these workers include not only the reception and accommodation, and other service personnel management, as well as addressing emerging guests have problems and difficulties.

Thus, answering the question: "Butler - a valet or butler?", We can say that it is neither one thing nor the other.This is a particular specialist area of ​​responsibility which intersects with both the operating duties butler and footman.