The main purpose of resume - an invitation to the interview

summary - a document containing information about your experience, education, skills, and other useful information.In other words, it is your face in the eyes of the employer.The main purpose of resume - to receive an invitation for an interview.

In his summary, it is important to describe the qualities inherent in you, and the sentence must be clear and concise.The obligatory summary of the structure are: full name, contact details, education, work experience, personal attention and quality.Remember that the purpose of resume - show your best side, because the first impression you get of the employer, it will develop from it.

In the "Contact Information" must be specified to connect your phone, e-mail address.You can also inform your home address.

Undoubtedly, one of the most important sections of this document can be considered that part of it which explains why your nominee is most suitable.It is important to formulate the objective of the work in the abstract, to try to make it as specific as possible and clearly.It would be better if you specify exactly the position in the company, which are applying for.You should not bind a variety of positions in the same job, because each of them has its own characteristics.It would be much better if you are part of different resume for each of them.The purpose of separately -prepodnesti your skills and experience exactly to draw the attention of the employer and to receive an invitation for an interview.

man who is looking for a job, points out in this document, their skills and their target.In summary, an example of which can be found online on bulletin boards, contain information that could be of interest to a potential employer.

For example, if it is a document submitted candidate for corrector resume objective can be formulated as: "Get a job as a proofreader of the magazine, in practice, to apply their experience and skills."

Under "Education" can list their primary and secondary education, and recent graduates may be included in the summary of the subject of his thesis.Please note that the information in this section shall indicate the position for which you may qualify.

One of the main section in the summary is "Experience."In it you describe what kind of experience you get, you can apply it in practice.It should be precise and detailed list your previous employment (specifying the direction of the company: services, construction and so on. D.), Date of employment and dismissal from the organization, positions held.In general, we can say that in this paragraph should describe your possibilities and make it clear to the employer why he needs it to you.

In the "personal qualities" to be told about his virtues, such as stress tolerance, civility in communication, striving for success, the ability to find innovative solutions.Like other sections, it also requires a careful and responsible approach to the employer is fully convinced that in front of him an excellent candidate for the characterization of his position.Do not be amiss to describe the character, purpose in life, their interests.

If the resume is made to a foreign company, please send it in multiple copies - in Russian and on the foreign language, which is used to work in this organization.

Finally it should be noted that in order to avoid falling into an awkward position and not lose the trust of people, it is not necessary to resort to fraud and credit for non-existent in the abstract quality.