John Galliano (John Galliano): biography and personal life flamboyant fashion designer

Star of world fashion, brilliant and unpredictable, infinitely talented, former chief designer of fashion house "Dior" ... Of course, this is John Galliano.

star is born

nobody knows the boy Juan Carlos Antonio (now John Galliano) was born in Gibraltar in 1960.When he was six years old, the family moved to London.John's father was a plumber, mother and children engaged in the house.She taught their offspring of flamenco dance beautifully and constantly they dress up, even if it was necessary to go only to the baker.At school he was constantly drawing.After graduation, he entered the prestigious British College of Fashion and Design in St. Martin and was going to go to New York to work as an illustrator of fashion.His thesis consisted of eight costumes that were purchased large London boutique.Once it became Diana Ross, who bought a vest future celebrity ...

Thus began his career as the great maestro John Galliano.

fashion capitals - Paris

John did not go to New York.He became the genius of London fashion.He created a great model that all admired, but still no breakthrough occurred, including financial.In the early 1990s, he left London and went to Paris.He arrived in the capital of world fashion with no money, we had to sleep on the floor in the apartment of an old friend.One of his friends passed rent several meters of its factories.

Hour heyday

His hour came in 1994.While on the catwalks went skinny model in a dress made of burlap.Against this background, the first collection of designer bombshell.It is brilliant work, full of extravagant luxury.The collection includes samples against seventeen eighty, who exhibited other trading houses.This work demonstrated the seventeen best models of the world, including Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss.All the action takes place in an old abandoned mansion.It was not just a fashion show, and poluteatralnoe action - a fascinating and unusual.It returned into fashion beauty, and designer Galliano raised to the highest level of world fashion.

After two years, followed by an invitation from the fashion house "Dior".

«Fallen Angels»

If you happen to ask the maestro about his favorite work, you will hear that this collection, created by him in honor of the era Directories.This set of muslin dresses that combined the name "Fallen Angels."Before the release of models on the catwalk, he poured a bucket of water - at the time, according to the designer, it was fashionable to wear a dress wet.This episode reveals all the genius Galliano.It not only creates amazing images that he has a striking magnetism that makes whimsical patterns meekly endure all his experiments.


immense talent was soon noticed by designer Bernard Arnault, and he invited John to take a post of director of the house "Givenchy".However, this cooperation lasted only one year.

Fashion House "Dior»

According to the maestro, the founder of this house was the god of fashion.He could not even dream that he was lucky to be in his designer.John Galliano - the figure is ambiguous.He is often called the king of kitsch and outrageous.However, this did not prevent him to lead one of the most conservative fashion houses of Europe.

like Galliano created for "Dior" - he fully shares his passion for femininity.The image of women, "Dior" today, sensual and very romantic.Head held high, the cascade necklace, pearl earrings drop of flying dress, tailored on the bias, and high heels - so now it seems Galliano.

creating a new collection, John Galliano, who always had an unbridled imagination can be inspired by the heroine of the novel, a historical person, and perhaps his muse would be a figment of his imagination.It can be fully attributed to its collection.

«Princess Lucretia" (1994)

This image came quite by accident after reading articles about the research of the remains of the royal family in Yekaterinburg.This story is so struck by the master, he created a collection of ball gowns, taffeta skirts, quilted capes that would please his runaway princess.

How to create a collection

When female image fully formed in the mind of the designer, he begins to create and collect sketches.He is interested in all of the selected image: hairstyle, buttons, parts and accessories.Woman dreams on the idea of ​​Galliano should materialize and appear before the enthusiastic gaze of the public.

He shifted the emphasis on evening wear, has introduced a special cut on the bias, significantly updated fur collection.

Cult Dior

One of the biggest achievements of the famous designer is that he was able to revive the cult of the great Dior.This means that this style - feminine and romantic - are now back at the height of fashion.

Galliano fashion house

Besides working with "Dior" fashion designer and was engaged in its own brand.According to the maestro himself, are two completely different fashion trends.The "Dior" he works with time and history, which should be treated very carefully, because its heroine - a decadent aristocrat times that easily and gracefully moves through time.

Brand John Galliano - is the embodiment of modern New York with his hectic life, skyscrapers, bustling people.Inspire is able to master an ordinary trip to the club, and a visit to a museum or exhibition.His Muse New York - a woman with anguish, perhaps with a dark history.These two opposites live in the same fashion genius.Own brand for Galliano - is art in its purest form.Here, it is not limited by any boundaries.Each of his show - an event which can be compared with a grand theatrical performance.

favorite model

Once, when reporters asked about whether he had a favorite model, he replied without hesitation that this is the dress he created for the incomparable Penelope Cruz.She passed him on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival in 2003.In order to create this masterpiece, Galliano went to Russia, where in the museum archives contain a huge collection of beautiful dresses.He was particularly struck by the costumes that have been used in the productions of the Mariinsky and Bolshoi theaters.

John Galliano.Scandal

famous designer has become a party to the scandal in 2011.In one of the bars of Paris, being in a state of extreme intoxication, he allowed himself to anti-Semitic, incorrect statements about certain visitors to the institution.For this guide the fashion house "Dior" Galliano sacked from the post.In addition, he was stripped of his acceptance in 2010 of the Order of the Legion of Honor.The designer turned to the court to fifteen million euro against the fashion house "Dior".A French court found him guilty of racist statements and fined him six thousand euros.

In 2013, the students of the fashion school in New York refused to give them a master-class people, promotes racist slogans and abuse alcohol.In June of 2013 on American television broadcast a popular talk show.To attend the designer has publicly apologized for his remarks.He promised to make amends, and explained his behavior addiction to alcohol.

Life Galliano is usually not advertised, but nevertheless it is known that he was for many years living with her stylist Alexis Roche.

Aroma "John Galliano»

first composition was developed with specialists from Selective Beaty.Aromas "John Galliano" is dedicated to the beauty and perfection of the female body.Perfume with the same name was released in 2008.They belong to a group of floral scents.Exquisite smell combines modernity and elegance.

Opens composition combination of angelica, bergamot and aldehydes.In her heart there is the mysterious flower shade of rose, iris and violet.Base notes - a gentle trail of patchouli, incense and cedar.Ideal for the cold season.The fragrance is sensual and elegant for women.

Before Midnight

This new eau de toilette for men from John Galliano.Glamour fragrance from the group of woody, oriental scent for eccentric and active representatives of the stronger sex, who love fun and noisy party.Such men are relaxed and elegant, modern and young at heart.Luxury smell "placed" in a rectangular bottle of thick glass.Her picture adorns the bow tie.Crowned blue bottle cap.The fragrance opens

white pepper, apple and cardamom.At the heart of the composition - violet leaves, lavender, plum.Base notes - amber, tonka bean, tobacco shades.