Budget revenues - a measure of the state of the economy of any state

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budget revenues - a structural part of the basic financial plan of any state, approved by law.It is through the budget must mobilize financial resources in the amount required for their subsequent redistribution and use in order to regulate the economy from the perspective of the state.You also need to take into account the requirements of social policy.The process of drafting and implementation of the budget should be based on the appropriate classification.It stands in the goal orientation of state activity, resulting from the major functions of the state.

Thus, Russia's budget revenues are formed on the basis of their structure (presence of tax revenues and non-tax deductions).In other words, the question remains of fiscal federalism.

budget revenues - is the central character of the financial resources needed for use in performing the functions of the state.They express some peculiar economic relations that arise in the formation of funds of cash resources, and then placed at the disposal of public authorities.

budget revenues are public revenues, depending on the structure of the country.For example, it forms a unitary state budget revenues from the proceeds to the state (central) and local budgets.The federal government uses, in addition to the two listed profitable parts, also revenues of the Federation.

budget revenues - a concept that is used in a broader sense than national income, and includes, in addition to the budget, and even a variety of extra-budgetary funds, as well as income from the public sector as a whole.The largest share in the economic category have the tax revenues.At the same time, their share in the local budgets and revenues Federations less due to the formation of these items by bringing your own or regulated income.It must be remembered that the main source of replenishment of the resource of any country, as government loans, which form a third of the budget income.It is such an economic category, which is used by the state only in the event of budget deficits.There are two main areas of obtaining such loans:

- involvement of the general public through the dissemination of government securities (such as bonds);

- the central and commercial banks under the state provision of securities.

Growth in the second direction of raising funds in the treasury entails an increase in public debt.

If you encounter difficulties in providing necessary amounts of financial resources, there is another way to control the economic development of the state - the emission of money.However, this method is unpopular, as it promotes the growth of the money supply only (no commercial software).These events can lead to only one result - inflation.