We calculate the cost of inventory Dota 2

Today we will try to calculate the cost of inventory Dota 2. Each player, at least a little interested in collecting things, the number of which is already quite large, or in trading, will find themselves out of place and curious to know the price of items that are stored in its supplies.Perhaps in your backpack dusts rather expensive on the bunker-market "highlight" that you absolutely unnecessarily and which you have forgotten.Then that can be a useful service to determine the total cost of the items in your inventory Dota 2 (in other words, evaluators).


In order to save time and manually estimate the price of each item, you can choose to use one of the services that offer to calculate the cost of inventory Dota 2 online.Without a doubt, the Russian-speaking gamers longer interested translated service.It is possible to calculate the price of items in Russian rubles, taking into account trends in trading on the territory of the CIS, but this and the rest in more detail below.

Option 1

Consider how estimates of the cost of inventory Dota 2 using Steam Tools.

1. First, you need to visit the site on-line service.This opens a window.Click on the button Dota 2, and will be taken into account only things from this game.
2. Then, in the column SteamID we enter information about your profile: identifier or a reference to it.Click on the button Fetch.
3. As a general rule, users privacy settings entered incorrect inventory and an error message appears.
4. To fix you need to change the settings in the tab "My privacy settings", please follow this link where tick "Open" in "Inventory."
5. If you did everything as described in paragraph 4, the settings must be correct and you can return to the site evaluator.Again, click on the button Fetch, and now see the value of your inventory in the Dota 2 in accordance with the course of Steam-Market.
6. It should be noted that you have the ability to change the currency in which the procedure is conducted, for example, in rubles.Clicking on
7. Fees, you can determine the cost of inventory, excluding the commission, which is charged on the total amount of the sale of items at this service.
8. Dupes button allows you to find duplicate things in your backpack.

alternative solution

Calculating the cost of equipment Dota 2 with the same name Russian appraiser.

1. Go to the service page, where we see only one box to fill.In this field, you must enter the link to your Steam-account and click on the button "Calculate".
2. The cost is determined based on prices established in the price list, in rubles and keys that really natreydit if they exchange the contents of your inventory.The result, of course, conditional, and, showing ingenuity, you can get away ahead of the average values, but, on the contrary, with excessive smartness and simply - to keep up with them.
3. It is clear that from time to time, this service is faltering, and does not reflect the very real price of things.For example, it is highly unlikely that the Spectator Gem worth under 2600 rubles.
4. By clicking on the various tabs on the general list of things you will be able to see as "objects with uncertain cost" under the category "You can not sell."

Now you know how to calculate the cost of inventory produced Dota 2.