Talalikhina Victor feat.

Walking around the city, how often we encounter unfamiliar names of streets and squares.Many of them bear the names of these heroes.But what do we know about their history?Probably very little or almost nothing.For example, a feat Talalikhin committed during World War II?Time mercilessly wipes out the memory of the great names of contemporary people and things that deserve special attention and respect towards them.

same as I

Unfortunately, there is little talk to your children about the historical events of the past years, the tragic, but sometimes inspiring.Now kids dream of becoming superheroes, wizards, strange alien creatures.But just a few decades ago, all the boys wanted to know the endless expanses of space and conquer the seas, oceans, sky.

history lessons are increasingly focused on economic processes, internal and external politics, forgetting about personal example.Babies, like anyone, the story of one closer than the story of the faceless set.Even voicing feat Talalikhina briefly, you can light a flame in the hearts of kids.Show how brave and courageous may be normal, the same as they guy.

These examples should inspire accomplishments, excite the mind and cause real feelings: joy, pride, sorrow, faith.

But huge amounts of information that are available to contemporaries, drowned in the depths of its real treasures.

distorting mirror

fact that today offer us the prints are not always reflect reality.It is not that children receive false information.But with no specific knowledge, they take everything literally.

Here's an example.Everyone knows that Soviet pilots considered real aces of the last war: Ivan Kozhedub Alexander Pokryshkin Victor Talalikhin feat that reminds us of the courage and dedication.

However, due to the materials that cause the numbers of aircraft shot down by Russian and German pilots, develops an entirely different impression.The numbers of our pilots - 56 or 62 destroyed enemy.Whereas the German ace Hartman - 352 downed aircraft.

Seeing these figures, it is logical to conclude that the best of those not named.But not everyone knows that the Soviet soldiers responsible approach to counting: downed plane was considered only after the discovery of its debris.A German and US military took everything for granted.Among the counted victories could enter the plane, which barely touched machine gun bullets.

Story of a hero

In 1918, September 18, in a small village Teplovka, was born a little boy.Then no one could not imagine what a difficult time it will survive as a hard and tortuous path prepares his destiny.Parents Victoria became mom and dad for the third time.They were ordinary peasants working.

Over the years, the family moved to Talalikhina Volsk.The father went to work at a local factory.Victor in the years attended school, and after graduation, the family moved to Moscow.Large city opened new perspectives and offers more choice.

Young active boy while attending sessions of the factory school and worked in a meat factory.Then only I dreamed of the sky Talalikhin.The feat was waiting for him in the future.

older brothers Victor has served in the army aviation, it excites and inspires the boy.He attended the Aero Club and was honored as a budding instructor.

first steps in aviation

conscription boy was in 1937. Due to the Komsomol hit the Aviation School, from which he graduated one year later.Thus began the way in which made the feat Talalikhin.

Fighting history Victor started in twenty-seven fighter regiment.Here, as in the school of aviation, all marked special abilities Man: He was an excellent pilot.In all actions clearly discernible determination and courage.

At the end of 1939, during the Russo-Finnish War, for the first time took part in the battle Victor Talalikhin.A feat he will make later, but during this campaign, the young pilot was able to excel.

fate or luck had already sent a plane for.In his first fight he knocked the enemy.Over the entire period of the Finnish company Talalikhin destroyed four units.

After that successfully graduated from special courses Victor was appointed commander of a unit.

tired smile on his face

Probably every pilot remembers his first victory won over the enemy.This day is remembered and Victor.I had not yet made his Talalikhin feat, but already felt the taste of excellence.In the evening, supporters and his friends began to ask of the events.Everyone interested in the details, each representing yourself in the place of the brave pilot.

story was short and succinct, least of details and no description of experiences and fear.Only solution: a bold and risky, adopted in a matter of seconds.

guy smiled, it seemed that everything he is given easily.But he felt the severity of the events, insanely tired, but never showed this environment.The distance.

After a short rest and a cigarette smoked in silence, Victor hurried back to his plane.We must always be ready to take off, put off checking and repair is not possible.

Despite the difficulties of the time the pilot was determined, and the inner fire.

Hot summer

Ambush Germany caught napping all the inhabitants of the Soviet Union.Tragic and particularly severe issues first days and months of the war.People took time to realize everything that happened, come to terms with reality and join in the fight.

had particularly difficult aircraft.The German troops had more modern aircraft, weapons and non-professionals.Rubbed got air force of our army in the early hours of the attack.Many airfields were destroyed near the massive strikes.

Very little remained until the deed Talalikhina happen.Year 1941 has changed the lives of millions of people.

regiment in which he served, Victor, was transferred to the borders of Moscow.Before them was the goal - to protect the south-western direction, to guard the heavenly space, and to prevent the enemy to the capital.

Over the entire period of the Second World War German pilots could not cause serious harm to Moscow.Not the last role was played by the Soviet fighter pilots.

memorable night

Here we come to the point where the pilot Talalikhin accomplished the feat.On the night of the sixth on Aug. 7, 1941 an order was received for the interception of enemy bombers.

Victor sat at the helm of I-16.Once at altitude of more than four thousand meters, Talalikhin met German "Henkel-111" and sat down on his tail.Air battle began.Soviet fighter shot down one of the engines of the enemy, but he continued to skillfully evade pursuit.Victor went to the next round, to finish off the enemy.And then I realized that live ammunition ran out.

At some point came the idea of ​​ramming enemy aircraft.Picking up the tail of the "Henkel" Victor was wounded in the arm, but still met and completed the fatal maneuver - crashed into the enemy.At the last minute he managed to open the parachute and landed.Residents of the nearby village helped the pilot out of the river.German aircraft crashed, a crew of four was killed.

from heaven to heaven

Now you know what a feat made Talalikhin pilot.For this he was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

At 23 Lieutenant Talalikhin became commander of the squadron.Yet many times, he cut through the expanse of heaven above Moscow, and prevented from defending the German aces.During this time, on their own and in small groups knocked down four enemy vessel.

Last Battle, which killed not only Victor, took place in October 1941.More than five fighters under his command went into action to support ground troops.It happened in the air above the village of Kamenka.

next battle fiercely and intensely conducted.Victor managed to shoot down one enemy and knocked out of the second, as directed by three German crew opened fire on his plane.

Dozens of hungry bullets began to bite into the board, one of them hit the head of the pilot.

management was lost, the machine is a huge iron bird fell to the ground.

So ended the life of a young but already hardened soldier fighting the Soviet Union.


made the feat, Talalikhin imprinted many, the image of a fearless, brave and energetic person.But the circle of family and friends knew a totally different guy: radiant smile, cheerful, laid-back and artistry.He was especially kind and nice person.

In school, attended drama club and, as noted by the leaders, was not deprived of acting talent.Perhaps, in peacetime, his fate would have been different, and the name went down in history thanks to the different challenges.

During treatment, he did not sit in the hospital pants.He attended meetings, talked with workers and young people, conducted propaganda work.

growth Victor was only one meter and fifty five centimeters.Therefore, in the circle of friends called him "Kid."

Talalikhina not immediately taken seriously in a summer school.Such a small increase raises doubts about the success of training.But the pressure and insistence Man show a completely different result.

finds modernity

Not so long ago in the forests of the Domodedovo district farm workers came across to the edge of where the traces, the subtle eye of a huge crater.View she was old enough, the procedure dragged on the ground and overgrown.And in one of the old trees found rusted plate.

Such findings are not uncommon in places where the battles of the Great Patriotic War.People to this day reveal details of technology equipment.However, attention was drawn to nameplate.What information does it contain?

After some manipulation, managed to clear it.Caption intrigued researchers.It says that this is where the plane fell Victor.The one where he made a battering ram.The plate was signed pioneer named Katka Alla.There was also information that she set her in August 1971, following the eyewitnesses of the events.

Is this really the place where the buried aircraft, which made the feat Talalikhin?


Nakhodka forced historians and local historians to do research.It was formed a search party, which in June 2014 went to the specified location.The first two days were found parts of the engine, the chassis, some control mechanisms.

Later excavations progressed as successfully.It was found (due to the preserved records license plates and aircraft engine) that this is the machine on which to perform the feat pilot Talalikhina.

Found onboard clock, the hands of which pointed to half past eleven.It was this time recorded in historical reports as a moment of ram.

After all the necessary work will be part of the aircraft exhibits at Domodedovo.

Eternal memory

Petersburg, Omsk, Moscow, Lipetsk, Tambov, Gomel, Volsk, Kaliningrad and dozens of cities have in its list of the street named after Victor Talalikhina.Schools and colleges bear the name of this hero.

I wish that the people knew what a feat made Talalikhin.We remember him and other simple but great men who gave their lives for the sake of a prosperous future.

Here, perhaps, and everything about this brave man, Victor Talalikhin.Exploit (photo hero who has committed it, there is in the survey), it has to live in the memory of all the people.