BlueScreen (error) how to fix it?

¬ęBlue Screen of Death," or as they call experts BSOD, - a protective reaction of the computer, suspending system operation to potential failures or damage.In certain situations, BlueScreen (error) appears in connection with the problems of drivers.In such cases, a simple great help to restart your computer.But often there are situations when, without further action, and special programs to solve the problem is impossible.One such popular applications considered BlueScreen Viewer, about which will further mention.

be understood that the "blue screen" - it's not as scary as they say, but it is very frustrating when it appears.To remove it, you must have some knowledge of computer technology and, of course, know its causes.

name of the event (problems) - BlueScreen.Causes

The causes of this problem on a computer very different from the virus and the drop in electricity to remove the operating system files and improper installation of the software.To cope with this problem in most cases, without leaving home.But for this to be at least approximately determine the causes that led to the "blue screen".These reasons can be summarized as:

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  • strong overheating of the motherboard or video card;
  • damage to the driver;
  • attempt to overclock the video card;
  • violation in memory;
  • lack of power in the power supply;
  • failure of the device.

Most causes "blue screen" video card is in the computer.For example, such a common problem as BlueScreen (code 1049), is a violation of the video card.

diagnose the problem appeared

most common causes of the problem of "blue screen" are recent actions to replace or install new components on your computer.This means that either there are no drivers for the new components, or they are "crooked" installed.Sometimes

BlueScreen event arises from the fact that the internal parts of the computer poorly interconnected at their locations to the motherboard or to other nodes.In order to check all the details, you must open the system unit and inspect the cables, memory, and video card correctly connected.This test harder to do on a laptop.The only thing that can be - open the rear cover and check nouta joints hard drive and RAM.

Due to the strong overheating graphics card and CPU may often be systemic failures.To find out whether the overheated processor and graphics card, you can see the menu "BIOS", which indicates the internal temperature of the computer, or use a special program to measure the temperature of the internal components and assemblies.Next

reason that displays the name of the event problems BlueScreen, - is breaking strips of RAM.The work RAM, you can test the program "Memtest", which in a few minutes, and the memory scan will show whether due RAM failure occurs in the system.

also BlueScreen problem may occur because of the disruption to the hard disk.To check this option, you can use special software to eliminate errors and failures in your hard disk or system function chkdsk, which can be found in the "Vindovs" in the tab "Tools."When you run it will check your computer for errors.

And the last common variant - check your computer for viruses.To do this, fit popular anti-virus programs such as "Avast", "Doctor Web", "Norton", "Kaspersky" and others.

If it still appears BlueScreen (1049), an error, how to fix?

happens that the failures in the system, leading to the effect of "blue screen", cause more serious problems than the above reasons.Therefore, the means of correcting this error should be applied more radical.

If all of the above methods for a system restore did not help, and constantly appear "screen of death" on the screen at startup or during computer operation, the most effective way to restore everything in working condition - is to return the PC to the base configuration, and the parameters t. E. reinstall the system.Programmers often joke that it is - the only effective way of all the systemic problems of your computer, including by BlueScreen (1049).Indeed, this method can solve almost all the problems of computer-related system failures, omissions or viral infection.However, this option has a serious drawback - it is the loss of all information stored on the hard disk during the reinstallation "Vindovs."Therefore, it is the most extreme method to restore your computer.

There is another way to eradicate BSOD, which may allow the user to not to resort to radical methods, such as reinstalling the operating system - special programs for rehabilitation.

using auxiliary programs

First of all I want to call this program as BlueScreen Viewer, which deservedly ranks first among computer users, when you need to clean the computer or fix system errors.This program can be downloaded in Russian for free and install on your device.It has a number of advantages and benefits compared to other similar programs:

  • scans files minidump, created during a system failure that led to the "blue screen";
  • provides detailed information in the information table;
  • shows the date / time of occurrence of the problem;
  • shows the error code;
  • monitor output filenames minidump;
  • provides information about the modules and drivers that could cause a crash.

Benefits Application Viewer BlueScreen

addition, the program has the following advantages:

  • it is free;
  • does not require that it installed on your PC;
  • in the file folder has crack;
  • easy and convenient to use.

principle of the program

In the event of a system failure, the program searches for files and drivers that could cause such a breach in the computer.If you notice these or it creates a report as a table with a description of the driver and its location.

Also the program can find the real cause of the fall of the system and display a complete description of the problem with the date of its occurrence.

addition to the above programs, BlueScreen (error) can be diagnosed and applications such as WhoCrashed and WhatIsHang.This is a free program that reveals the faulty driver, leading to failure of the operating system.

¬ęBlue screen" computer - a request for assistance

Many people refer to this problem as "death" of the PC, whereas in fact, "screen of death" - a cry for help to the user.When a person has something hurts, he can complain to your family doctor or to the pain, to tell about the symptoms, and so on.And what a clever, but so far silent device when in its "body" there is a serious problem, called us BlueScreen (error)?All that he can do - so this is our highlight on the monitor "blue screen" on which white letters and symbols will be written "complaint" of a computer user with a brief description of the problem, containing only a few digits.

These "complaints" are known as codes BlueScreen.The description of these codes can be easily found.Each code is specifically responsible for this or that mistake, and the cause of the disturbances in the system.If you do not understand the language of the description of the code, it is better to address to some well-known developers forum, where experts will be able to explain the system errors and advise how to remove it.

If already tried, and "blue screen" still appears, even then must contact the service center for repair of personal computers and laptops.

Features and nuances of self-recovery system

Here are some recommendations for addressing the BSOD:

  • If you recently updated the video driver, you should try to "roll back" his or restore the system to an earlier date.To do this, the computer system options, you must install the automatic locking restore points when installing new software.
  • BlueScreen (error) may occur due to attempts to overclock the CPU, graphics card or operating memory - these processes must be stopped.
  • If this problem occurs during the games, you need to lower the screen resolution and graphics to put on the thresholds.
  • Please update file Direct.

Professional Advice

There are different methods of solving the problem with a "screen of death."Professionals recommend to use them at a time, do not rush to carry out drastic measures, such as the re-installation of the system, the return of "Vindovs" to the basic parameters or sending your computer for repair service centers.

Here's another option to restore the operating system.

If the "blue screen" does not allow the system to boot, you should go into safe mode of the PC.To do this during the boot press F8.After this, a black screen boot menu appears, in which you can select the desired mode of us.The difference between a safe mode from the other downloads that it is loaded without the use of network drivers.

In this mode, you can scan your computer for viruses, as for them, too often displayed the name of the event - BlueScreen.To do this, you should use antivirus software with updated version of the database.

also in safe mode, you can try to restore your system without reinstalling it.In this case, insert the disc with "Vindovs", select the function "Restore system" and click "OK".With this choice of the old system files are erased, and the new set without the loss of personal information.

In the same mode, you can "roll back" the driver.Improperly installed drivers can influence the failure in the system.

Secrets programmers

There is another secret exposes the cause of the BSOD, - the lack of free space on your hard drive.Many do not know it, but if the hard disk has less than 15% free space, it is also often causes this problem.It is necessary to clean "hard drive" from the old and useless files using special programs or function of the system.

On some motherboards there is a special button, located near the CPU, which when pressed, resets all the later installation and upgrade the system.Therefore, as an option, open the computer unit and see if the button.If so, you should take advantage of it, holding for 15 seconds, which will return the system to its initial state.


Do not just grab his head due to the fact that there was an inscription BlueScreen (1049) error.How to fix the problem of the "blue screen" in the home, while having a basic knowledge of computer use, it can be seen from the above information.And run to the nearest repair center PC is still too early, you should try to restore the "fallen" the system yourself, which will save very heavily and give confidence in their abilities and capabilities.And only if all the methods did not produce results, include the computer serviced.