How does the clamp assembly and where applicable?

Almost all Russian industrial enterprises to apply such an accessory, like a clamp assembly.This tool is a small device with a screw clamp.Its main function is to fix the value of the parts at a certain time in special terminals.In other words, the active element holds the item in a fixed position, thereby allowing the master to perform the work more efficiently and quickly.In addition, the clamp assembly is widely used in private workshops, and even in the economy.What she has gained in popularity, and how does it work?

design features

clamp assembly is composed of three main parts: body, screw and special support area.The housing of the device has a G-shaped structure and is made from high carbon steel.Screws or just screw provides significant contact load, which is necessary to secure the tool in the clamp.All work and action to clamp parts are carried out manually, ie using physical force man.Due to the fact that the tool is not in his design of the motor, it is one of the most reliable and durable.


Used clamp assembly for tilting manufacturing (turning parts from one plane to another) and lift horizontally.However, the main function of the device is still holding the device in the so-called "grip" for the repair work.It is worth noting that if you need to use this device for the tilting parts are not necessarily purchase any expensive devices.With this kind of work can handle even the cheapest device.If you need to apply the clamp as the lifting element for such purposes must have utility.Such instruments (clamps ducts including) are distinguished by the fact that can be equipped with additional attachments.

What does it offer?

Due to a number of experiments, it was stated that such a clamp 8-10 times more load-carrying capacity than the rest of its counterparts.However, the manufacturer prohibits to lift the load in a vertical position.Why is that?The fact that the fasteners for air type "clamp" is not able normal fixing articles on a work surface.By the way, for lifting in a vertical plane is widely used as a tick eccentric clamp to the same type of terminals.


Thus, the element is a universal tool for tightening and tipping products during construction and installation works.In addition, the clamp may well be used as a lifting device.During its long period of existence, it has established itself in the construction sector only with the best hand, so still so in demand in the Russian market.