Design living room 17 square meters.

Design living room 17 square meters.m - not an easy task, but doable.Here the main thing - the right to distribute the area so as not to disturb the harmony and comfort.Getting to the design of such a living, you must first pay attention to the shape of the room.It will feature one of the main parts in the design.For example, in a long, narrow room, but it is not recommended to place the furniture along the walls.As an option, it will look quite original living room combined with a kitchen or bedroom.Coming up

room design living room 17 square meters.m on their own, you need to be patient once, connect the imagination and to review many different works carried out by professionals.

How to correctly draw a small living room?

  1. of emphasis.It is important to make the focus of a significant piece of furniture, such as a TV with a home theater, a decorative fireplace, an aquarium.All other elements to complement it, performing a secondary role.
  2. furniture.Design living room 17 square meters.m involves the use of compact furnishings.Preference is given to multi-functional furniture.Instead, massive chairs can be purchased Puffs, also an ideal option would be transforming the coffee table, which, if necessary, easily turned into a full dining table.
  3. Zoning living room.Divide the room into certain areas on purpose, you can make ordering of space and the proper distribution of the total area.Zoning is carried out as a strict and visual.For example, using decorative partitions and finishes: multi-level ceiling structures, podiums, etc..
  4. colors.Scientists have proved that the dominant palette of the interior affects mood and even health.Therefore it is essential to choose the right paint for the living room.In small rooms it is not recommended to use dark colors.

Living room with kitchen: how to solve the problem of shortage of square meters

Design kitchen-living room 17 square meters.m quite popular lately.These interiors can be found in apartments and private homes.By combining the two rooms there is an opportunity to significantly increase the space.However, such planning has its disadvantages, which is available at the stage of the project:

  1. kitchen should be equipped with a sufficiently powerful extractor, or odors during cooking will cause discomfort.
  2. During operation of household appliances (refrigerators, stoves, etc.) To make sounds can greatly hinder leisure people in the living room.
  3. the expense of open space in a studio apartment is necessary to maintain perfect order.This nuance is enough significant and time-consuming, even with the use of modern technology cleaning process will take some time.

However, if such defects are not afraid of the owners, the design of the living room 17 square meters.m, combined with the kitchen, will bring many benefits:

  1. significant expansion of space.
  2. living room can serve as a dining area, and it frees the kitchen and allow the use of space for the installation of additional cabinets and increase the working surface.And it always will like any hostess.
  3. combined rooms are the ideal venue for celebrations.

During execution of this design will need to get acquainted with the methods of zoning:

  • bar - an ideal and versatile option;
  • multilevel ceiling, is most often used complex shapes and abstract shapes with large backlit;
  • island furniture arrangement will contribute to the mild differentiation;
  • use of different flooring materials, to enhance the effect often use flooring of different levels.

Living-bedroom: designs

This interior is often used in one-room apartments.That space it needs proper distribution zones.Design "living-bedroom," 17 square meters.m, it is worth noting, without any special knowledge to develop their own is hard enough as a small area should be placed working, sleeping area, and do not forget about a place for the whole family.Most often, designers recommend to separate the room plasterboard wall.The size of this area should be a little more than a bed for the convenience of the compact approach and setting tables.If you build a podium, you can make additional drawers for storage.An excellent option would be sliding doors, they do not take place and thus may, if necessary, to completely isolate the sleeping area.

Loggia - an alternative solution to the small living room

For the lucky ones who have a living room has a balcony, designers recommend to attach it to the total area of ​​the room.This option will create a mini-office, a game or a small gym.It is important for insulation of walls in the loggia to adhere to a particular technology, so that over time the surface is not amazed by mold or mildew because of the temperature difference.As in the first option would be quite appropriate to the podium, it will help visually separate room, and highlight the main zone.

Design living room 17 square meters.m - a kind of challenge.To cope with it, you need to have certain skills, so it is recommended before drafting required to consult with professionals and learn all thematic literature, otherwise avoid common mistakes do not happen.