Applications for Kids: Ideas and templates.

Children are attracted everything that comes under their arm candy wrappers, insects, stones and wooden sticks lying on the road.Simple application for kids to be performed under the guidance of my mother, the children learned how to hold scissors, glue to use, assemble the components on a sheet of paper.Show it to your child - and soon you'll be pleased with its small victories.

materials for simple applications

restless children is very difficult to do something, because in the first years of life they want to run, jump, make noise.Take them needlework and start with simple crafts out of colored paper and leaves, and pretty soon the kids will be accommodating.Stock up a small amount of tools and materials that can produce products of any complexity.You will need the following items.

  1. Colored paper and cardboard (minimum colors - red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple and white).
  2. glue stick or PVA adhesive tape.
  3. Scissors.
  4. Cereals different colors (lentils, beans, rice, millet, buckwheat).
  5. Dried leaves.They can be collected in the fall and put in between the pages of the book - applications for the kids turn out excellent.They persist for a long time, and you can do both in winter and summer.

From what leaves you can make applications?

Crafts should always be made of the beautiful and original material to finished product is impressive.Leaflets should be torn from the trees in the first autumn days, so they were not dried.You can go with the child to the park or botanical garden.Collect leaves bizarre and different sizes.On arrival home, place them between the pages in the book and wait a few days until they wither.To speed up the process, you can smooth out the leaves under the iron gauze.Collect acorns and berries, which will be a great addition to the composition.Try to rip a few small flowers such as forget-me, daisies, cornflowers.For making legs fox or cat suit thin willow leaves, and oak and maple are obtained more bizarre composition.As you can see, applications for kids can be performed even from simple components that can be found in the park or in the garden.You do not need to resort to using watercolors because the leaves themselves have original color - from rich green to red and purple.

Simple applications for kids: the idea of ​​colored paper

When the child turns three years, it should be engaged in developing games, learn work with scissors and cardboard.During the manufacture of handicrafts it is to distinguish colors and choose the most successful combinations will know that plants are green, the sun - yellow clouds - white, sky - blue.The hard work allows us to develop the baby care and diligence, in addition, he will not be distracted by their endless requests to play with him, if it is occupied by an interesting case.House and similar applications for kids crafts will be the first, and you need the paper yellow, blue and red colors.Cut a circle (sun), a large triangle (the roof), a square and a few rectangles.Stick all the elements on the board, and the house will be ready in a few minutes.Thus it is possible to produce and plants, and vegetables, and fruits, and other items.

Carnation Paper

favorite crafts for all children is the color.Teach your toddler art of origami.He enjoyed the process of creating such masterpieces as the application of paper.For kids is a great joy to make such a gift to my mother, grandmother or aunt, because instead of luxury roses every woman's nice to get a modest card made by a child.

In order to produce cloves, you need a piece of red, yellow, green, blue, scissors and glue.The basis will be the board.So, cut out paper red triangle, then roll it three times.At the top make a few small incisions, as shown in the picture.Expand the appliqué, and mount it on a cardboard base;a second layer is made by analogy, only half the size.The conclusion of the composition will be a green stem and yellow center.

Volume crafts for older children

first application for children should be simple, but learning to do house and cloves, the child will be able to make the composition more difficult.The material can serve as colored paper, sometimes the foil or hard tissue.In the first classes with their child fabricate Tsvetik-semitsvetik for which you need a standard set of tools.Stock up on a few flowers of paper, scissors, glue and a sheet of cardboard - a minimum materials required for the manufacture of the application for kids.Draw the outline of the flower, which later will be cut.To speed up the procedure, fold a single sheet in multiple layers and plug in the course of scissors.Do not forget to cut the yellow center, which subsequently must be pasted on top of the other components of the flower.Prepare the board, which will serve as a basis.Top stick one by one flower petals on top - midway, and bottom - green leaves.

Applications for Kids: templates for manufacturing Chanterelle-sister

gifts of nature - excellent material for the manufacture of handicrafts, and most importantly, absolutely safe.In addition to the herbarium of dried leaves can be made figurines of animals.Child will certainly be interested fox, which he easily led mothers do.You will need 4 oblong leaflets (willow - for legs), 3 egg-shaped (hornbeam or beech - for the head and ears), 1 oval (for the body), 1 small (acacia - nose), and any brown leaf for the tail;eyes can be cut from white paper and paint the pupils are black marker.You can also make the fox out of colored paper, cut out all the parts and components pasted on cardboard.

Other ideas for children's applications

good not only crafts out of colored paper and dried leaves.Often kindergarten teachers work with children over the compositions of the grains.Rice, buckwheat, beans, lentils and millet can serve not only as ingredients for soups and salads, but also to create original cards.Lay your baby before cereal different colors and let him choose the most suitable materials.On paper, draw a picture-blank using watercolors - it can be either landscape or an animal or even a person.Pencil circle the contours of the figures, which will be laid cereals, and then seal the adhesive-free area of ​​a pencil or PVA.To ensure that you receive accurate application for kids, templates - just what is useful to you in the first place.Use them to make a smooth outline drawing.Top sprinkle grains and wait for the product to dry - it usually takes less than an hour.Then you can decorate with applique sequins.By the way, instead of the cereal can choose beads, then the picture will shine, shimmering in the sunlight.