Witte University in Moscow, Ryazan, Nizhny Novgorod and Krasnodar

That comes to an end of study in secondary school.Behind - the lessons of childhood and ahead - a whole life!And at this stage of your journey will be very important to decide on a profession that in the future you will be given all the time, so you need to work always brought satisfaction.After all, only doing things you love, you can achieve some success.So, you have to solve one important question: where to go to learn?

institutes and universities throughout Russia - a great many!How not to be mistaken here?Unobtrusive advice.Are you sure you will get to the point, if you select the name of the University of Witte.

Why is this?

The mere fact that the name of Witte University is recognized as one of the hundred best universities in Russia, makes us confident that after graduation will be able to easily find a job at the enterprises of our country.Of course, the knowledge that several branches of the university actively operate in several major Russian cities, also causes him considerable interest.

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University in Moscow

Perhaps, now in the capital, many young people do not know firsthand about the Moscow University Witte.Founded in 1993 as a non-governmental private institutions already in 2011 he deservedly received university status.This establishment is located at 2 Kozhukhovskiy travel, house number 12, p. 1. You can get there by subway: follow up to the station "Avtozavodskaya", and then - to the main body by any public transport.

What specialties are available at the university?

Received the results of the exam or test Intrahigh Moscow University students can receive higher education in the following specialties:

▪ economy, which includes a series of profiles;

▪ Law;

▪ tourism and hotel business;

▪ psychology and pedagogy;

▪ governance and the municipality;

▪ PR;

▪ Business Informatics;

▪ human resources consulting;

▪ customs business;

▪ Applied Informatics.

As you can see, the lack of choice of profession there, so anyone can choose to study here he is interested faculty.

little about the university

Moscow University Witte actively supports international cooperation.Already since 2008, successfully operates an educational program with the Graduate School of Management in Bialystok, which bears the name "Russia - Europe: 2 diploma."Education in Poland contributes to obtaining high-quality business education that meets all European standards.Students have the opportunity to get diplomas WSFiZ and become good specialists of international level.By the way, their employers recognize the more than twenty countries of the EU.

young people studying at the Faculty of tourism and hotel business, have the opportunity to undergo training in France on the Cote d'Azur in Nice, as the MOU between the guest house and in this respect there is a certain agreement.Sofia University St.Kliment Ohridski in Bulgaria, Riga Technical University in Latvia, Vitebsk State University in Belarus, as well as other universities are working closely with the University of Moscow, developing joint programs, annual meetings and academic exchanges - both undergraduate and graduate students and professors.

University helps its graduates find jobs, regularly arranging job fairs.Well-known companies such as Renault, CJSC "Credit Europe Bank" and many others, actively cooperate with this institution and with pleasure to hire graduates students.

to improve their skill level, here it is possible to continue their education in graduate or master's degree.For this proposed order of ten different directions of scientific specialties.

What students say about this university?

lot of flattering to hear feedback from students and alumni have graduated from the Moscow University of Witte.Reviews imbued with respect for the guys working here staff: teaching staff, administration staff.Students are encouraged skillful construction of the daily lectures, because it is possible to combine study with more employment.A large number of events held in the walls of the ME, do not allow young people to get bored, because the life of the children should not be filled with only the knowledge and preparation for the session.Classes are quite skillfully combined with recreational activities and numerous sports competitions and cultural trips, so all feedback is heavily active call is to enter the Moscow University Witte.

Branch MU Ryazan

If you live in the Ryazan region, and want to do at this school, not necessarily to go for higher education in Moscow.The region has since 1994 a branch of the MU - University named Witte.Ryazan - is one of a number of Russian cities, in which, without going beyond its edge, you can complete a full course of study for many popular specialties.This educational institution located in the city center, at the May Avenue.You can easily find it, and any citizen is always intelligibly explain to you how to get there.

What are the specialty here, you can get?

In the Ryazan branch, in contrast to the MOU, produced a set of students on a smaller number of specialties.Let us call these faculties:

  • economic;
  • Law;
  • management;
  • financial.

employ graduates and trainees in the excellent and successful companies, which is more than fifty institutions, relevant educational profile.

Students are actively involved in the development of research programs, participate in various conferences and competitions.University Witte famous by the fact that it is here studied talented guys that have played and continue to play in the Russian KVN.Well, who does not know the command "Hakuna Matata," or "To be continued"?And besides, there is still a student construction teams, team competitions in football, volleyball and table tennis - young people's lives in this university and bubbling noise.

branch in Nizhny Novgorod

University named Witte, as we have said, has several branches in several Russian cities.In the regional center of Nizhny Novgorod in 1997 and opened a restaurant.

Here, as in other branches, produced a set of students on different specialties.Training is conducted on a full-time, part-time and evening form, considerable interest has been shown in studies of the day.University conducted further professional training and improvement of qualification of managers and specialized professionals without interruption and with a separation from primary production.

distance learning, based on modern Internet technologies that connects an interactive self-study and obtaining advisory support, as practiced University named Witte.Nizhny Novgorod to visit at the same time the student should only once - at the time the state certification.The convenience of this system is that the "student" has the right to choose the procedure for studying the compulsory subjects, as well as to shape the entire training schedule.

MU Alumni branch in Nizhny Novgorod in high demand in today's job market, they willingly accept the best and most successful enterprises in the city.The guys are working in law enforcement agencies, banking institutions, government agencies at various levels.

branch in Krasnodar

Why leave from their warm places so far from home, to attend a welcome ME?After more than ten years it takes its name Witte University students in Krasnodar.In 2012, he received the state accreditation.

There are the same faculties and specialties, which are mainly the University of Moscow, just 100 percent, employed graduates.To obtain a quality education in the university has created all necessary conditions.It:

  • computer labs where students can write programs that, of course, be useful to them in the future professional activities;
  • multimedia auditorium, equipped with modern appliances;
  • library, including electronic, with a complete set of appropriate instructional materials.

generalization said

This article presents the main Moscow University and its three branch.In fact, in five cities of our vast country has the same of his colleagues.It is a branch in Voronezh, Penza, Tula, Sergiev Posad and Rostov-on-Don.There is also an office in Chernogolovka, Moscow region.All this shows, above all, the need of the existence of this institution, its relevance within the framework of modern life and continued success in the scientific and social activities.Total number of students in all these institutions - 28 thousand children study for 15 different specialties and areas.Successfully are 3 master programs.The university employs highly-qualified teachers, 65 percent of whom are candidates, professors and doctors.

There was a desire to study at this institution?His door is always open for you.Welcome to the University after Witte!Reviews about him the most wonderful and heartfelt.Walk out there and see for yourself.