Ufa Agricultural University: specialty departments, the selection committee

It would seem, agricultural specialty is not popular, but the focus of this year Institutes produce professional farmers.Especially those famous Ufa Agricultural University is running at full capacity, thanks to him, the Ural region is provided by specialists in the years ahead.

Bashkir State Agrarian University is one of the leading Russian universities in the agricultural sector.It was founded in 1930 and for nearly a century of existence has grown to a large scale, today it employs more than 450 teachers who are trained every year about 13-14 thousand students.

Departments BSAU

City, where the Agrarian University - Ufa.Departments in 2014 did not change compared to previous years.Students continue to study the following specialties: "Agrotechnology and forestry", "Mechanics", "Food technologies", "Information technology and construction", "Biotechnology and Veterinary Medicine", "Environmental Engineering and Construction", "Economy", "Energy".

also available vnutriuniversitetskie department, professors who deal with absolutely all the students of the university.These are the departments of physical education and foreign languages.Last Department actively participates in the life of the university, thanks to Ufa often come foreign experts in the field of agriculture.

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Parallel to this, students can gain additional knowledge by industry, having little to do with the agricultural sector.Faculty of additional education also receives those who wish to undergo training in their specialty and refresh their own knowledge.

BSAU and complexity of admission

internal education, is proud of agrarian university - faculty, Ufa and its government are trying to correct.University employees do not give officials to reduce the number of faculties and constantly take the initiative in the opening of new training programs and specialties.

In 2014, Ufa Agricultural University which was the best university of the Republic of Bashkortostan, select it with additional subsidies, which have made possible the creation of new research grants.University lecturer pointed out that agriculture is under active development, so the number of students per year will only increase.

Specialties Agricultural University

Agricultural University (Ufa), specialty is popular, annually produces 6000 graduates of full-time and 6000 - in absentia.The vast majority of students enrolled at the Faculty of Food Technology, where you can get one of the eight disciplines related to the development and further storage products.

some professions can be learned in addition to the basic specialty.You can enter the second faculty after the first year, while for receiving a second profession will need to pay a certain amount each year.The exact amount of the payment of the second education can be found in the university administration.

How does the selection committee?

Before entrant enters the Agrarian University (Ufa), the selection committee invites him to participate in a program of vocational guidance, to determine the order in which one profession he is most inclined.Participation in it is paid, but the program can help those who have not yet decided on the future profession.

It is in the selection committee can get complete information about how it will be recruiting students, a number of budget places available on a particular department, and find out the cost of training on a fee basis.Unfortunately, the number of budget places in the university annually reduced, top priority is given to learning.

cost of tuition fees and increasing annually, it can be clarified by contacting the Agricultural University (Ufa), faculties 2014 and information about them can be found on the official website BSAU.You can also specify a list of all specialties currently open.

What to do?

After graduation, you must wait for receipt of the certificate, and then immediately apply to the Agricultural University (Ufa), the selection committee which immediately take all the necessary documents.You will need to come to the university with the following documents: an original certificate of education (or its duplicate, if you are going to do somewhere else), the originals of certificates of deposit of the exam (or duplicate), a photocopy of your passport, medical certificate (you can get it in school) and6 photos 3x4.

If you walk in the selection of the target, you will also need to provide an agreement between the university and the state body, which is ready to take you for a job after graduation.It should be borne in mind that after training you will have some time to work in this organization, otherwise will have to pay compensation in the amount that has been spent on your studies.

Visiting the selection committee will need to write a related statement of admission.If you have any certificates testifying to your active life position and talent, it is recommended to present their originals or copies of the Commission.Military service is required military service registration card or certificate.

Passing grade

Many residents of the Ural region tend to fall into the Agricultural University (Ufa), passing scores which vary each year, following the general trend.In all Russian universities rating falls each year due to the low level of school education potential students, a similar situation is developing in BSAU.

average pass rate is calculated by the University itself, it usually occurs in late July, then published the rating of all enrolled students, which indicates the amount of points accumulated as a result of the exam and the entrance exam.Experts recommend to the selection committee in preparation for entry to navigate to the previous year, but be prepared to change them up or down.

Some departments to enter need to take additional examinations, the results of the exam alone is not enough.Visit the university admissions office in advance and specify a list of additional examinations to understand exactly what you will need to take and in what time frame.Spring BSAU usually organizes an open day to applicants could get all the necessary information for admission.

paid training and its features

If the student failed to get a budget place, it can do on a fee basis.Payment terms are common, but you can make an exception.Ufa Agricultural University which is one of the leading universities of the country, annually sends instructions to the institution to reduce the specific amount of budget places.

university specialists believe that in the near future he will fully switch to the paid form of education.In the 2014/2015 academic year tuition fee for full-time studies in BSAU it ranges from 40 to 69 thousand rubles, the correspondence department will cost a little bit cheaper - from 20 to 33 thousand rubles per year.

If you can not study full time, but still get the education you need, Agricultural University (Ufa), the correspondence department is fully operational, it may be a good option for you.The flow of students is much lower than that for a large amount of knowledge it is possible to get even a free place.

How to prepare?

BSAU to attend, you must start preparing for the year prior to the exam date and entrance examinations.But if the time for preparation has been lost, and want to do it this year, you can take advantage of training courses, which are organized by Agricultural University (Ufa), specialty here are not important, preparation is carried out according to the general procedures of the standard type.

writes to training courses necessary to advance, they usually begin in March, and announced a record for the month.The exact date of the start of the training, you can check with the selection committee of the University or the representatives of the faculty in which you plan to do further study.

Preparation for area residents to

If you live outside the capital, it is necessary to specify where the Ufa Agricultural University goes towards provincials, especially for them are part-time training courses.Training is carried out during the holidays, accounted for all of the disciplines required for admission to BSAU.

Standard courses to prepare students for entry lasts exactly three months after the passage of the students are fully prepared for the delivery of the unified state exam.There are also different types of courses, targeted for different audiences and time.The minimum number of hours in each training course - 30 (subject to intense study of the material).

BSAU and its international activities

Ufa Agricultural University which is already known outside Russia, has strongly advocated the formation of international relations between the city and foreign organizations.That is why the staff of the university is constantly coordinate the work of all divisions of the agricultural type of various international projects.Interaction with foreign organizations and universities - an important step in strengthening international ties.

In parallel with all this in BSAU formed talent pool capable of taking part in the projects of international type.The employees of the university, faculty and students are thoroughly language training for successful communication with the participants of international projects.Also at the university organized foreign training, by which all who have the attitude to the university can improve their skills.

Find Agricultural University?

Now you know the city, which is located Agrarian University - Ufa, the address of the institution is: Str.50 October, the house 34/1.It was at this location works BSAU selection committee, and there you will be able to get answers to all your questions.It is advisable to visit the commission for 5-6 months before graduation to get all the necessary information in advance.

get to the university, you can use public transportation, you need only get to the stop "Agrarian University" (Ufa).2014 was successful for the city roads (a series of repairs), therefore please specify, have not changed the routes of public transport.

Near BSAU pass route bus, trolleybus and tram routes, and taxis ply.Hours of transport - from 6 am to 24 pm.If necessary, you can take a taxi, the drivers are well aware of how to quickly get to the university.