Shellac coating.

Many modern women are increasingly prefer beautiful resistant gel nail varnishes.It is a decorative hybrid tool that incorporates special components.For this reason, such coatings are solidified only in light of the UV lamps.Many companies that produce products for nail service, rulers have devoted gel varnish.But the most popular was Shellak company CND.It was one of the first such varnishes, shellac, and eventually came to be called not only a particular brand, but also the very simple procedure of coating the nail plate in this type of funds.More and more artists and beauty salons offer coverage shellac.Ideas to create designs so diverse that allow you to pick a manicure to all occasions.Price, of course, higher than that of conventional varnish resistance but can not be compared.

coating technology

Unlike the nails, applying gel nail polish is more sparing procedure.With nail removed only shine that does not harm if the procedure is done correctly.Coating technology is quite simple, so it can be done independently and at home.It includes it the following steps: a fine-grained nail file is removed the gloss from the nail bed, and then apply a base coat, dried in the tube a certain time, then the color gel nail polish, a top coating, adhesive dispersion layer is removed.All the layers are in the process of polymerization of the lamp according to the instructions for use.It is important to bear in mind that they should be extremely thin, colored shellac is applied in two or even three layers.For dark saturated colors may need longer cure time.

Shellac.Design Ideas and painting

Spectacular luster, durability and ease of use made it possible to take a gel varnish leading position.A huge palette allows you to create multiple versions of painting by using the shellac.Ideas can be found everywhere, seasons, holidays, flowers, geometry.

To create a drawing using colored gel lacquer or acrylic paint.Special attention is given in the form of coating technology moon manicure - this idea helps to extend the toes as well as less visible regrown part of the nail.Using a special tool, you can create a lot of design options with dots of different sizes and colors.More experienced masters can draw anything that allows fantasy.As adjuvants can be used to dry shine, and multicolored crystals, and a stencil to create drawings.The combination of multiple colors on different nails is particularly relevant today.However, more than three use still not worth it.Thus, the compositions can be created using any technique shellac.Ideas for manicure and pedicure varied.

How to visually lengthen the nail by gel varnish

When covering short nails primarily use French manicure, both classical and more modern and bold.In such nail plate, it looks organically and accurately.This smile can be executed and a dry glitter or rhinestones.Visually lengthen the nail bed are bright colors (but square shape will look perfect manicure with dark colors) or vertical lines in the design.Ideas shellac nails short and figure also include a lace gradient manicure, a variety of geometric patterns.Do not use any big, bulky designs, as well as sculpting.In addition, because the nails are durable topcoat that will protect them from the environment, can grow long in a relatively short time.

Features durability and wear Shellac

shellac coating has a fairly long period of socks - a few weeks.But it is important to remember some rules.Manicure is best done the day before the coating to the nail plate was not too wet.If the nails are not initially very strong, shellac will not hold.So first it is best to treat them a little and strengthen.Between treatments you need to give your nails a little rest.The longer the socks, the worse will be the removal.The best option - about two weeks.And, of course, all means must be fresh, unexpired date.Particular attention should be paid to the UV lamp, replacement bulbs is recommended at least once in 8-9 months (depending on how often it is in operation).To create a beautiful manicure, there are multi-faceted ideas shellac.Photos show the basic options that can be taken as a basis.