How to repair their own hands laptop keyboard?

most common cause of breakage laptop keyboard - problems with wirings disposed therein.People often throw this unit tea, coffee, juice.Tracks rot, it is their closure.Is it possible in this case to make repairs on their own laptop keyboard?

Where to start?

Let's see how the recommended action:

1. drenched device rinse with distilled water.

2. Dry with a hair dryer.

3. Leave for a few days.

What to do?

If the steps taken have not helped, you have to continue to repair the laptop keyboard.It will be necessary to disassemble the device and try to restore the track.Stock up special conductive adhesive.It is used to restore AVTOMASTER tracks, heated rear windows of cars.Proceed to disassemble the keyboard.

Remove the cover, now it is necessary to dismantle the key.Each key has two parts.They are called "platform" and "lift".Sometimes biasing element added.Good fit something like a dental hook or thin screwdriver, such as hours."Area" is connected to "lift" snaps (3-4 points of contact).With three compounds one is movable, and at four - two.

next step

Remove the "elevators".Further, it is not so difficult.Your eyes will be opened mount, part of which is mobile, and some do not.Simply work with static.Modern keyboards "lifts" can not only climb / descend, and move.In this case it is necessary to put forward the most moving part, it will go beyond fixing (holding).Lift the "lift", and then try to liberate from the clutches of the part that is stationary.Then remove the part with resilient elements and the board with paths.

important point

laptop keyboard repair older types may be different.They are characterized further intermediate step which consists in extracting edging made of plastic.It will take a soldering iron can come hairdryer.It is necessary to melt the plastic, which is behind the keyboard.When assembling it is necessary to also slightly melt the attachment so that they become "caps."If you do not come out, it is recommended to drop of superglue.Let us further

plastic cards with tracks.There are 3 parts.Two tracks, a third do not.The latter plays the role of the gap.The first two are connected together.Where a fold connection tracks located.

Again, there are exceptions for older models.They have three parts are glued to each other, there are 2 or 3 point gluing.Repair of laptop keyboard in this case it is necessary to do so:

- You can not just pull the board to disunite.Too high risk of damage to the tracks where the intersection with glue.Take a hair dryer and an ordinary stationery knife.

- Carefully separate the layers, start from the corners of plastic parts.Warm up with glue, and then separate the desired area.

- Do not rush.Of course, you can restore the tattered track, but if they will be a lot - it would be a problem and you will have a reason to know how much the laptop keyboard repair or replacement.

Restore track

After separation of the layers look, there is not any liquid that has been spilled.All rinse and dry.Damaged track immediately noticeable.But check all tester.The theory is that it is necessary to redraw all the tracks again, but in practice it is difficult, because they are too closely spaced.This is not necessary if you are washed, then dried out the corrosion process is stopped.At the right track small ground (or zero).1-2 ohms - not critical, the tester should show faults.We must hold on top of the damaged track.Suppose it decayed until the contact area, then it is necessary with a scalpel to clean the site.After drying glue to check everything again.When all is dry, a few hours can collect the plastic part.It is necessary to put it on a pallet of aluminum.Put part of a spring-loaded elements.Now carefully all connect, test your laptop.Can be used for many of the familiar program "Notepad", but there are KeyboardTest - a special program.If everything worked out, turn off the computer, unplug the keyboard complete assembly.Note that there is a feature when you install "platforms."They should be set after you install the "elevators".Lower down the middle of the biasing member, then click on the pad down until it clicks.

In case of failure, do not worry, you can always access the service, which can help to make repairs Samsung laptop keyboard or any other manufacturer.