In a career is important to be immodest

Do you want to move up the career ladder - do not hide!
Do not be afraid to promote new ideas and technologies

To become visible, you need to continually demonstrate that you keep your nose to the wind and to understand as much as a large number of modern trends.This lesson back in the 1980s.well I learned Shelley Harrison, when she worked in the marketing department of Hewlett-Packard.She drew the attention of his superiors that society takes unprecedented automation of office work.

'' To my colleagues, I was the source that is constantly talked about new trends outside of our company ', - said Harrison.It brought her success: she led the direction of e-mail in the British office Newlett-Packard, and on his return to the United States have defined it in the Department of the then new technology of CD-ROM.
'' It is not necessary to be an expert in the fact that the company is now required.You just need to be able to convince others that you know that it will need tomorrow '' - says Harrison.She noticed and began to offer positions in other companies.A few years later, she founded her own company - Launch Pad, which provides marketing services to young high-tech companies.

Look at all the other eyes

Lisa Sloan Walker, who heads the department of business development at Campbell Soup, drew the attention of the authorities when they discovered that customers of one of the company's products related to the purchase of a completely different way than anticipated DivisionMarketers Campbell.Conversation in a supermarket with a neighbor, she found that many people buy freeze-dried Tomato Soup Campbell, to use it as a base for the sauce when cooking other dishes.Walker proposed to position the soup as '' more than a soup '' - a mandatory component of any tasty dish.

'' This has contributed to the growth of the company - said Walker.- In general, our business was not so important, but I was able to create a niche in which worked successfully. ''As a result, she was sent to work in Tokyo, which rarely happened with her staff level.

'' Many people think that recognition will come as a reward for good work - Walker said.- I do not expect, I'll go and find people who are willing to listen to me and buy my ideas. ''

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