How can I install the toilet to give

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Having a suburban area, everyone is trying to make it the most suitable for life and provide it with all necessary.For that portion of the water is carried out, the gas light.It seems that everything you need is there, but for the comfort of something missing, namely, warm toilet, located not in the street and indoors.So, try to figure how to properly carry out all the work to install the toilet to give.

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In order to appear on your site is easy to like the toilet to give, you need to think through every step, starting from where it can be located.The best thing to do may be adapted corner of the room, but not central.Navigate your help in this stock, namely its location.Best of all, if the future will be the toilet is located as close as possible to it.

So, after you determine where the toilet would be to give, you should take the department Head room from the rest of the room.You can use as a brick and a wooden panel.The next question that needs to be addressed - how the treatment system is best used.The best option can be called biological method, it is tested and the most common.

most difficult stage of the work, to install the toilet to give, is summing up and consolidation of the sewer system.It should devote sufficient attention to not only the conduct of the system in general, but also take into account a variety of items, because if you do something wrong, do, you will bother an unpleasant smell, but at the same time may be more serious consequences.Once this is completed, we are engaged connecting water pipe to the toilet.Of course, before that you need to buy directly the toilet.

Today, serious problems with where to buy toilet to testify, should not arise, as the plumbing shop, you'll find exactly what you want.It should be noted that the choice of this kind of plumbing presented today in a wide range, you can find models of any design, a variety of colors, and most importantly, made of different materials.Thus, the most common can be called a toilet made of ceramics, along with that often customers buy a plastic bowl for questioning.

So, back to the system installation toilet.Water connection can be called the final phase of its installation.When the water supply will be connected to drain, do not forget to connect the cistern.Next will only fix the plumbing, so she held tightly in one place.You can use the self-tapping screws.This kind of work, as an independent installation of the toilet is quite laborious, also requires the expenditure of a certain time and effort, but doing it right, you get a warm and comfortable bathroom in the house.