8 foods that help speed up hair growth

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Hurry if you fix an unsuccessful haircut or just dream of luxury long curls, you still have to wait until the hair grow back - but it's not easy.Fortunately, there are natural remedies to accelerate the growth of hair, and below we offer you a list of products approved by the American doctors and cosmetologists.

So here are 8 foods that help hair growth:

1. Salmon.

One of the most valuable fish, not only rich in vitamin D and protein, and omega-3, and all contribute to accelerating the growth of healthy and strong hair.

2. Yellow bell peppers.

These peppers - almost 5.5 times more vitamin C than oranges!And it is not only good for our immune system as vitamin C - an antioxidant that strengthens the hair follicles (follicles) and rods.

3. Oysters.

As you know, the lack of zinc - one of the main causes of hair loss and poor condition.Here you will be oysters, because they literally crowded data metal: only 100 grams oysters contain more than half of the daily allowance of zinc for an adult.

only advisable not to eat oysters, caught in the Gulf of Mexico, which may be exceeded by the level of cadmium, because there spilled oil in 2010.

4. Eggs.

Another excellent source of omega-3, but the eggs also contain biotin (which many people grow their hair to take prescribed optional).However, we must take into account that future date for long and beautiful hair is useful only egg yolk, and excessive protein intake may even block the uptake of biotin in the body.

5. Sunflower seeds.

Just a few sunflower seeds can provide you with a considerable amount of vitamin E, which improve blood flow to the scalp and hair growth will accelerate.

6. Sweet potatoes (sweet potatoes).

This vegetable is full of beta-carotene (a precursor of vitamin A), indispensable for a healthy scalp and hair growth intense.However, choose foods with beta-carotene to be careful, because at high doses (more than 2500) vitamin A becomes toxic.

7. Avocado.

Ancient know how useful this product is full of essential fatty acids for humans.Avocados can help you improve your skin and hair not only when taking in food, but also for external use.Regular 10-minute hair mask of mashed avocado and sour cream helps you stimulate the production of collagen and elastin proteins, that is, the growth and strengthening of hair, as well as - to clear the scalp of dead cells.

8. Almonds.

One cup of these nuts contain biotin-third of the daily value for adults.Enter Mindel slowly to your diet, and after a couple of months, you'll see how the state has changed and accelerated the growth of your hair.