- This is a disaster!- Lidia nervously wringing her hands, small steps shuffling around the kitchen table, where, unflappable as Buddha and huge as a mountain, sat the head of the family.

Usually Lidia did not bother my husband at dinner.It was a sacred rule.The head of the family was in a relaxed atmosphere to dine and relax.But today, its excited state overcame the foundations of family tradition.

- Today I was in school ... Zoya herself aroused!- Froze for a moment, Lidia gave understand the depth of the tragedy.Vasily Mikhailovich gave his wife a short annoyed look from under his bushy eyebrows, but said nothing, continuing to absorb concentrated fried potatoes with meat.

- It's about Kolenka!- Lidia abruptly sat down on the edge of a chair and carefully folded his hands on his knees, tragic eyes glared at her husband, hoping to cause at least some reaction.

Who would doubt that over Kolenka!Senior is Ivan, already in the second year the school of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and other children do not.Vasily Mikhailovich moved his powerful shoulders and sighed slightly.This indicated extreme discontent.Lidia though inwardly shuddered with fear, but with a doomed female protecting her cubs, she decided to pursue the case.

They were an odd couple.So different that you can just marveled!Lidia - tiny, fragile employee of the Institute of Culture and Arts, with two higher education in the humanities, nervous and creative reading bedtime poems and Vasily Mikhailovich - a former paratrooper and now a police major, a huge but not rastolstevshie to his forty-five years,like most of his colleagues, and regularly carries around a bar in the gym, chew food, and always silent-centered.And yet they were the perfect married couple!Ice and Fire, are connected to this family, giving light, water and heat, coexisting harmoniously and without accidents.

having your own hard look at the issues relating to the art of the Renaissance and post-modernism, Lidia boundlessly admired and almost worshiped husband in matters that she believes belonged to the category of men.Just rigorously did not interfere with women's affairs, and Vasily Mikhailovich.Harmonious relations existing in all areas of family life, besides, were bonded extremely strong, although not exhibited at the show, the mutual feelings of love.

And the children have turned out quite different.Elder was a copy of his father.And stature, and character.In the third grade, he was determined to follow in the footsteps of his father.Do not shining special achievements in school, he nevertheless concentrated on reaching my goals.Although from his favorite school subjects were horizontal bar and rod, unchallenged Study did not bring it.Once and for all to learn that to succeed he would need a good certificate, he pecked all items with the tenacity miner-record holder until has not yet received the required assessment, taking persistence where could not take the mind.

Lidia tried its part to instill a child a sense of beauty, but met a wall of incomprehension surprised by the eldest son and his father withdrew from the battlefield, deciding to take it out on the junior.

And the younger, in all respects, went to his mother.The fragile constitution and general feebleness of the body with predetermined its infancy under heavy custody mothers and grandmothers.Yes, and by temperament he prefers reading a book than a walk on the street.Vasily Mikhailovich tacitly allowed his wife to take over full responsibility for the harmonious development of the individual, although not entirely approve of such a development.

But with the youngest Lydia Petrovna had to be disappointed.Showing clear signs of remarkable intelligence and creative flight of thought, Kohl's, early acquaintance with the computer gave him unconditional preference to the delights of Japanese poetry and Russian prose.No efforts of the mother could not break this destructive, in her opinion, the interest in a soulless piece of iron, and the ninth class, Kolya was a man, almost lost for most of normal humanity, although very well-known in wide circles of specialists of computer craft ...

- Zoya told such things !!!- Lidia paused dramatically, and picturesque rolling his eyes, continued: - I'm in it just can not believe it!

continue to help the community by thorough chewing of food, the husband raised his left eyebrow and shrugged slightly.It was the entire speech!Although Lidia clearly heard a reproach in his address, saying that you're bringing up a child, she definitely decided to bring the father to this conversation.

- She believes that Kolenka completely lacking knowledge, even in the school curriculum, for the humanities!

Vasily Mikhailovich again shrugged.Well, here it is already exactly an insult!Lidia nervously jumped up and literally screamed into the interior of the apartment: - Kolya!Take the diary and come here!Dad wants to talk to you!

But this is too much!The head of the family, surprise, even for a moment stopped chewing and looked at his wife in surprise.Realizing that she crossed the line, said Lidia fiery eyes of a man who, for a burned all the bridges and ready for anything!Not often in their family they had such grand quarrel!

Whether it had an effect twenty-two years of married life, whether professional flair policeman, then it really kind of upset the favorite, although too nervous wife, but lost to Vasily Mikhailovich.Although he is still the same silence continued his dinner, Lidia felt - she won!

Inspired by her success, she spoke without the pauses:

- It is absolutely not interested in anything except that his box!- Testing animal fear humanities to computing, Lidia superstitiously called computers, and any other equipment, only drawers.- In biology, geography, history and even imagine, even in literature - he knows nothing!And I do not want to!Of course, Zoya could not help but note that in the exact sciences Kolenka very strong.Even more than a very!She did not fail to note that in the city Olympiads in physics and mathematics Kolya won prizes.And after winning the regional Olympic Games on ... - Lidia disdainfully turned her hands - ... for this, as it is there? .. In the computer! .. She was with Kolya and several other students even invited to the regional department of secondary education for awarding diplomas!

in the kitchen doorway drew silhouette of a young man, very frail constitution, but rather burning eyes confident person.Lidia more actively stalked the kitchen:

- Can you imagine?It is still so laughed!She told one amusing incident.There, in the department, there was some kind of incident.Something hanging or dropped - in short, something went wrong.- Lidia giggled nervously.- And no one could fix it!So, Kolya fifteen seconds, they fix it!Directly in front of the head of the department!Zoya said Peter Ivanovich was very pleased and praised Kolenka, called to work after school!

Vasily Mikhailovich looked at his son."Just think - the boy shrugged.- The problem, it was a breeze ... "Still, the ability to understand each other in silence was in their blood.Not noticing this dialogue, Lidia continued his agitated monologue.Deftly snatched the son of a diary and waved it over his head, she inquired indignantly:

- But what about the other thing !!?Of course, I understand that it's not very important.Now the exam, and you should only take specialized subjects.But no more deuces decorated!- Kolya contemptuously pulled shoulder and picked his nose.

- But I'm talking about something else, even!I'm talking about the comprehensive development of man!- Lidia blog put on the table and his hands drew a large circle, which was likely to explain to listeners what still needs to be development.- More Kozma bars said: "Specialist similar flux: the fullness of his one-sided!"But beyond that, there are more general concept of human values ​​!!!Basil, you know what he said at the last lesson of literature?

head of the family did not know of course.Silent question addressed to his son, once received the same silent response: "I'm right!And I'm not interested in the opinion of Zoya Vasilyevna! "A bit puzzled as cocky answer, Vasily Mikhailovich pulled up to his diary and began to leaf through it slowly.

Without waiting for a coherent response to a question from the male part of the family, Lidia intonations with the prosecutor in the Basmanny Court continued: - He said he did not read the ... - another dramatic pause - Dostoevsky ... !!!And it is not going to!As it is, in the future, not useful !!!

Exhausted by these terrible words, she collapsed into a chair.In the kitchen, hung ringing silence.Kolya, with head held high, his whole appearance portrayed Steadfast Tin Soldier, and the head of the family stared at some page of the diary.Pause has turned into something ugly, for the duration.Lidia translated worried look at his son with his father and began to realize that it is something I do not understand.Expecting a slightly different turn of events, Lidia confused.

- Today I was at a meeting in the management ... - suddenly interrupted by a pause Vasily Mikhailovich.

Such abrupt change of subject even more taken aback Lydia Petrovna.

- And where do ... - she said distractedly.

Then head of the family gently kissed his spade hand on the table.He restrained himself and tried to make it not much, just to draw attention to his words, but the dishes on the table jumped up and plaintively dzynknula.Lidia abruptly stopped.In all the years of living together ever since her husband at her raised his voice!His eyes stung with tears of resentment.Realizing that he was dismissed a little nerves, Vasily Mikhailovich was embarrassed, but by asking for forgiveness from the wife's eyes, continued:

- They told us what happened to the regional nature of the emergency.It was hacked server a public office.- Words heavy stones thumps in silence cuisine.- We worked very professionally.Brute force, and the Trojans through the soap is gone.Protecting it is normal - and ativir worth and well-configured firewall, ports are closed, and in general - the admins do not fuckers ...

spoke in gibberish husband scared Lydia Petrovna to tingling in the fingertips.But even more frightened her Kolya, who listened attentively to all that ohineyu and frantically swallowing.

- Lamer there for a hundred a day ate.- Vasily Mikhailovich stared at his son, who quickly passed into the black and white coloring.- But there was one that very well hoisted a clever example program, a kind of hybrid keloggera, Trojan and variability of the virus signature variable.He only worked as root, but so subtly that it no protection is not found.Two transit climbed on a server with a password administrator, zipanul some info, encrypt it a hundred and twenty-eight bit key and walked back - dropped somewhere, using four anonymizer.What exactly is the program spёrla - learn failed.Traf was small.She then cleaned the registry ogy erased, removed all their tracks and left.Computer security experts felt that it is only their own could do.If it were not for one thing!- Vasily Mikhailovich rose slowly from the table.Kolya, convulsive sob, began to back into the corridor.

- Burglar summed small mistake.Even not a mistake, as well - a passion to the chalk cheap effects.On one computer programm remained harmless.So innocent, that she did not pay attention at first.Running out of the ordinary, she scheduler periodically display an image with the inscription: "Greetings from funny cactus!»

- Vassenka!- Plaintively murmured Lydia P. - and this is what you're told?

- If three days before the Ministry of Education has not taken a decision on finalizing the materials for the exam, - Vasily Mikhailovich did not seem to hear the question - then the department would be a very big problem.And so - just pay attention to such a glaring fact.So when you say, diploma awarded?

Kolenka little squeak and rushed to his room.

- And how Dostoevsky?- Completely lost relationship between current events, Lidia whispered, in a state close to fainting.

- Pushkin !!!- I snapped the head of the family.

- What - Pushkin !?- The world was collapsing and circles swam before his eyes bewildered woman.

- Lidus!Pushkin - do not read Dostoevsky!- More softly said Vasily Mikhailovich and pulled out a belt, with the grace of an attacking bear, rushed his son.Froze for a moment in the doorway, he turned to his wife and reassuringly said: - A "Crime and Punishment" Now we will write the new !!!- And disappeared into the gloom of the corridor ...

... on the table lay open diary.Its fields, stylized human figures, a ball point pen were drawn tens merry cactus ...

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