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Throughout its existence, mankind has devoted to vampires as poetic and scientific treatises, so many books, plays and movies, that all this material could be put together and present to the world a huge museum, entirely devoted to the phenomenon of vampirism.Many people cling so much the topic that they are not seriously ask: "How to look like a vampire?".Learn!

about vampires ...

In the culture of a people, in literature, in the movies, we sometimes encounter the ambiguous and contradictory psevdolyudmi - vampires.According to legend, they came from Eastern legends and, fortunately, are not fully human.It is believed that vampires - a dead body, feeding on the blood of animals and, of course, people.

What are they afraid?

Before we learn how to look like a vampire, let's look at them more closely.According to the legends and folklore, they can not stand the light of day.They are simply afraid of it, because the light causes them to hide in the dark shelter, particularly in their coffins.By the way, the coffin - a constant attribute of any vampire, according to all the same stories.

What is a vampire?

According to world literature and cinema, the appearance of vampires practically does not distinguish them from real people: they do not have horns, wings, tails, hooves and so on. D. The only difference between them and us - the presence of very pale skin and red eyes.Indispensable attribute of any vampire - it's fangs.As a rule, they are hidden from prying eyes.Vampire uses them only during their hunt.

How do you kill a vampire?

So now we know what it looks like a vampire (photos presented in the article) in the legends and allegories.Now let's find out how you can kill him.By nightfall, these creatures come out of their hiding places to eat!Night for them - it's the only time hunting for mortals.To a vampire could not suck your blood, kill him first.

According to legend, destroy these bloodthirsty creatures can be with a wooden stake, machined, for example, aspen or birch.This number is necessary to put a vampire straight to the heart.Scare off these creatures can be using garlic and onions mixed together, and by pointing at them with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and sprinkling them with holy water.

How to look like a vampire?

necessary to monitor their hair.The fact that the hair plays a major role in the image of a vampire.Remember, according to legend, vampires watch their hair - they are always packed and combed.Optionally have dark hair, but if you want maximum sound like a bloodsucker, can be dyed my hair black.Hairstyle plays a special role in the vampire subculture.By the way, do not confuse Gothic and vampirism as it is - two different subcultures.

How to look like a vampire?Monitor the condition of your skin!It is not necessary that she was pale.The main thing - that it was a dark color is not.If you are a "foodie" in this case, you can use creams.The main thing - to skin you do not have any spots, because the vampires they are unusual.

Remember, it looks like a vampire?We have already told you this: he has "blood" look.It should be given special attention.As a rule, the eyes of these creatures are very bright and focused (think Brad Pitt's character in the movie "Interview with the Vampire").Get the matching colored contact lenses.By the way, the vampire make-up for your eyes can be as light and dark.It does not matter.It all depends on personal taste.

Lips - the most prominent feature in the image of a vampire.They added that essentially unique "flavor".It all depends on your skin tone and personal preference.You can choose bright red or bloody shade of your lips.It is not necessary to paint them black, you're not a Goth and vampire!

Do not forget the fangs.They, of course, you can not wear, but monitor the condition of their teeth will certainly need to.They should be possible to whiten: vampires white teeth.If you want to make a vampire teeth, then there are several options.You can wear false pointed crown, but you can - false teeth.Some fanatics attach their teeth form tusks, vytachivaya them in special clinics.It is better not to do it, because health is more important!

None of us knows for sure is not what it looks like a real vampire, because there is still no officially reported cases meeting with them, but we all know that their way is unthinkable without long nails.Grow them, and then neatly sawed.Do not forget to cover their nails clear varnish.This will make them stronger and more natural.