Burn eye: first aid and treatment

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human eye - a unique body, through which we see everything that is around us.But when the eye affected by various negative factors, such as extremely high or low temperature, red-hot sparks, chemicals, we not only can lose visual acuity, and altogether deprived of the divine gift is the ability to see.Today we will learn how to help the person who received burns to eyes due to various factors.After all, the right to provide first aid will not only facilitate the patient's condition, but also to keep a clear view of him.

What burns the eyes?

This injury of the anterior part of the body, which arose as a result of excessive chemical, thermal or radiation exposure.Most often you can find thermal burn eyes glowing particles, welding or chemical elements.With this injury, the first to suffer the conjunctiva and skin of the eyelids, and then the cornea, lacrimal paths and deeper structures of the body, up to the rear of its departments.

degree of damage

eye burns can be divided into 4 categories:

  • first stage - only damage to the surface of the eye.
  • second degree - there is a slight darkening and reddening of the cornea.
  • third stage - there is a very strong opacity of the cornea.The eye is covered with a dense film.
  • fourth degree - injury and cornea and retina.

burn the retina: Causes

  • Exposure to bright light after a long stay in the dark.
  • Effect of ultraviolet radiation.Although this loss of a person is not threatened, but there are cases when the sunlight that is reflected from the snow, sharp falls in the human eye and can harm him (so-called snow blindness, often occurring in the north of Russia, for example in the city of Vorkuta).In addition, the burn of the retina may occur due to the fact that the person will observe a solar eclipse without glasses.
  • Exposure to light from the projector and laser beams.

corneal burns: Causes

  • Working with chemicals, such as acids, cosmetics, perfumes, medicines, paints and others.
  • thermal injuries organ of vision - the burn of the cornea obtained by the action of the hot liquid,such as boiling water, steam, red-hot oil.
  • work with welding machine.
  • Combined burn the cornea - the damage when using flammable materials or mixtures.

Symptoms defeat

signs of trauma can be considered the following indicators:

  • frequent headaches;
  • burning eyes;
  • redness of the white shell of the body;
  • swelling of the eyelids;
  • dislike for the penetration of light;
  • tearing;
  • blurred vision;
  • feeling of something in the eye of an outsider.

First aid in the preparation of eye burns welding

  • The victim should be offered painkillers "Analgin" "Diclofenac", as well as antihistamines "Suprastin", "Tavegil."
  • man should be given in a darkened room, which will not be exposed to sunlight.If you can not define it in such a room, but at least you need to put on his dark glasses over his eyes.
  • Call an ambulance.

treatment of eye burns resulting from work with welding machine

  • Upon arrival, the doctor first help patients who received burns to eyes welding, so divorce in boiled water a few crystals of potassium permanganate, then be sure to rinse eyes with this solution and takes the patient to the hospital.
  • Already in the medical institution doctor removes the foreign body through injection drug soluble calcium.
  • After eye will be cleared under the eyelids applied antiseptic ointment.The patient is then determined in the hospital (if necessary), where the doctor assigns further treatment.Or the specialist can release the patient's home, but on condition that he would come to the clinic to check the victim's eyes.

Prohibited methods

If a person received a burn eyes welding, the following methods are the so-called "treatment" to anything good will not lead:

  • Rubbing.Of course, at this point the patient feels as if he poured sand under the eyelids.However, such feelings are caused by inflammation, and is not present in the eyes of any particles.Therefore, the friction can only complicate the situation.
  • rinsing with water from the tap.The fact that in this case it is possible to easily carry infection, and the desired effect will not give such purification.Use for such manipulations can only boiled water.
  • Tips grandmothers: instillation into the eyes of honey, aloe juice, tea leaves.These methods can not be applied strictly, because their effect may be the opposite.

chemical burn eyes: what is it?

It is getting into the body of ammonia, acids, alkalis and other chemical components in the production or at home.Chemical burns of the eye is the most dangerous because it leads to is the fact that a person can simply remain blind.The severity of the damage is determined by the temperature, chemical composition, concentration, and amount of substance which provoked the emergence of such a dangerous situation.At the same time burn the patient may experience symptoms such:

  • watery eyes;
  • cutting pain in the eyes;
  • fear of light;
  • vision loss (in severe cases).

Besides destruction of the body, also suffers from the skin around it.It is important to promptly provide first aid to the man.But how to do this, see below.

First aid for chemical burns to the eyes

  • First you need to remove the irritant from the conjunctival sac.This should be done by an abundant washing.To do so, use normal saline.If on the scene did not find, in the extreme case suitable conventional pure water in large quantities.
  • Thereafter, it is recommended to impose on the affected area a sterile dressing.
  • urgently call an ambulance.

treatment of chemical burns

Once the victim is brought to the health facility, doctors are beginning to carry out such manipulations:

  • eyewash medical fluid.
  • If the burn is alkaline, the ophthalmologist prescribes the patient ascorbic or citric acid.When mild to moderate destruction of vitamin C administered to 2 g for 1 month.In severe burns - 10% solution in artificial tears instilled 14 times a day immediately after the injury for 2 weeks.
  • With the defeat of the body of grade II and III under the conjunctiva of the eyeball daily administered 25-100 million units of penicillin diluted solution of novocaine.
  • have a good effect glucose injection combined with subcutaneous administration of 8-10 units of insulin.
  • To prevent secondary infection specialist may prescribe sulfa drugs and antibiotics inside intramuscularly.
  • If a chemical burn eyes strong, then shows the plastic surgery.During the healing topically applied cortisone, fibrin film of blood.

What is the thermal loss of authority?

This damage tissue of the cornea and eyeball the interaction with agents such as fire, hot steam, heated liquid or molten material.Thermal burn eye is common both at work and at home.It often comes in conjunction with the same lesion face, legs, hands and body.

First aid for thermal damage

How to help a person in the early stages?

  • individuals that volunteered to support the victim, you need to wrap your fingers sterile bandage to reveal as much as possible, and the patient forever.
  • followed by cool body of the affected person under water for 20 minutes.The temperature of the fluid must be no more than 12-18 degrees.To cool you want to use any suitable container that can create a stream of water.For example, it may be needle-free syringe, a rubber bladder or a plastic bottle.Another way to cool eyes lower face in a suitable container with cool water and occasionally blinking.
  • in the affected organ is necessary to drip antiseptic "Chloramphenicol" or "Albucidum."After that, cover the eye with sterile cloth and give the victim any analgesic tablet.
  • sure to call an ambulance.

Treatment thermal burn eyes

Therapy this defeat rather specific and complex, so it must deal with specialized experts in ophthalmology ward.Before treating thermal burn the eyes, the doctor should estimate the area of ​​tissue damage and the severity of the damage.

As a rule, the nature of such injuries prescribe anti-inflammatory and restorative therapy, which helps to restore the affected tissue.Surgical intervention is indicated, if necessary, the elimination of dead skin layers of the body in the event of his recovery.

eye burns, treatment which should be carried out quickly, is the damage that occurs when the body subject to exposure to certain factors (chemicals, high or low temperature, radiation exposure).It is very important at the time of the defeat of the right body to provide first aid to the man that, first, do not hurt him even more, and secondly, to help cope with the pain before the arrival of the ambulance.