How should look filled CV to the job?

Surely you know that many large companies before schedule an interview, the employer looks at a resume filled with work in the open position, submitted by candidates.How to present the information on the future leaders?What should be required to indicate in the summary?

General rules of registration

desirable recruit resume printed text.Take the time to format it as: to create headings, bulleted lists.But while your text should not be too colorful.One color, preferably one font - the most important information you can underline or bold.Try to submit the information by individual units completed small to medium volume.You can see a sample resume for work completed before starting to write.Remember that you need to share all the information about yourself into several sections.This summary should not be too voluminous - less text, more sense.It is undesirable to gain more than two pages of text print medium, and best of all meet in one or one and a half sheet, of course, permitting experience.

main part of a personal dossier

All completed resume work traditionally begins with general information about the applicant.Enter Nameand age.It is not necessary to write the complete date of birth.Limited to a single digit, ie,indicate how many years you now complete.Next, select the contacts.The more, the better - the phone (one or more) and the time to call, email, or even link to your own website.Further customary to place a section on education.If you are studying in ordinary schools, it is not necessary to specify.But on the prestigious college or lyceum should not remain silent.Next, fill out the information on higher education.

And now the most interesting - if you have ever passed any training courses, be sure to write about them.But consider that the completed resume work should contain only information that will be useful to your potential employer.In other words, if you want to get an economist, talk in the questionnaire about the visit of three-month courses on needlework it is not necessary.About

experience not to forget ...

If you do not know how to fill the job, the sample to help you.Some companies have even placed sample forms for the competitors on their official websites.After the formation of the block to write about their experiences.List all previous employment in chronological order.It is advisable to start from the last position, but it is possible, and vice versa, describe his career from the very beginning.If you have a little experience, you can specify for a couple of proposals for each organization with respect to their duties and the reasons for dismissal.Do not forget that the completed resume work may include the addition of the personal qualities and skills.There can also indicate the presence of the vehicle or the knowledge of the computer programs in the event that the duration can help you in your work.