How to be smart: a thirst for knowledge and perseverance.

How to be smart?This question is asked by many, but not all are willing to do anything to achieve their goal.Surely, more than half of the people who are reading this article, once in your life passed the test for determining the level of IQ.It is absolutely natural - to seek knowledge and learn something new.But some learn the test results, even if not satisfied with them, it is still too lazy to change the situation.And someone just decides, 'I want to be smarter, "and begin to look for ways to implement their desires.

Of course, it is now scientifically proven that the brain of any man does not work in full force.But everyone is able to train him, like any organ of the body and, therefore, to develop.If you are interested in answer to the question how to be a smart man, first of all, get ready for this long and hard work.Daily exercise the brain can bring astonishing results.Try every day to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice, consider the mind - without a calculator.

If you do not know how to become a smart, one thing is certain - reading, reading and reading again.And not magazines or second-rate detective, and full of books and classical literature.Valuable information contained in these sources necessarily linger in your brain.In addition to reading, to generate the necessary knowledge you have is very important mathematics and writing.Of course, these tips are now well known, but, unfortunately, a very small percentage of people use them in their daily lives.As a rule, blame banal laziness.

Good advice for those who want to learn how to become smart - communicate more with interesting people, surround yourself with competent and educated interlocutors.In them you can have much to learn, of course, provided if you know how to listen.New information obtained in the course of this dialogue, will help your speedy development.

You also useful to know that physical activity is very well stimulate the brain.Therefore, you can enroll in a gym or fitness.Remember, proper nutrition is much closer to the goal you become more intelligent.There are some foods that can slow mental activity.But there is a food and is extremely useful for the brain.Make it a rule have a pumpkin, milk, eggs, meat, beans, nuts, fish.Be sure to include in your diet pork and beef liver, kidney, brain, and rabbit, lamb and veal.

All those who are interested to find the answer to the question of how to be smart, must strive to get as much information from anywhere.Embark on a journey vividly watch everything happening around and for people who will meet on your way.Remember that fresh air stimulates the brain, so you need every day to spend time walking.

Try to keep your mind was active.Often ask questions to themselves and others, are looking for answers and a lot of thought.To do this, a lot of time to devote to stay alone.Make it a habit to think, how to write, read or watch TV.This can be done in the bathroom, in the nature, just at the time of driving in urban transport.Do mathematics, solve the problem, it is well develops logical thinking.

If you want to be clever, always and everywhere must be willing to learn, to learn something new, to show curiosity and a desire to be more educated person.Avoid empty talk about anything and companies of people who are not too high level of intelligence.Always remember that is never too late to learn something.The main thing is this very strong desire and be ready for hard work.