How quickly pump up your biceps at home

strong hands and relief muscles can make anyone just need to set a goal and go for it.After all, in fact, anyone can easily learn how to quickly pump up your biceps, do themselves and achieve great results.You do not have to visit a gym or with a personal trainer to engage - and you can train at home.

basic exercises

First of all, if you want to learn how to quickly pump up your biceps, you need to familiarize yourself with the exercises that you will perform.There is a basic set of equipment to carry it out, you'll need only the dumbbells so that substantial costs would be required.Learn the basics of how to pump up your biceps quickly dumbbells can be very easy, as only three basic exercises.Two of them are performed while standing, and one - sitting.In the first you have to bend your hands full with dumbbells in the second - only half.To make a third exercise you will need to sit on a chair, put his elbow on his knee and bend the hand in which you hold the dumbbell.Together, these exercises will give a fairly rapid effect, so that in 2-3 months you will find that your biceps are much bigger and more powerful.


But three months - this is quite a long time, so you may want to learn how to quickly pump up your biceps in a short time.Naturally, there is a solution, but you will be required more effort and additional material costs.First of all you will need to shell out for the purchase of the bar.This shell is much more effective on the question of how quickly you can pump up your biceps.But you can do without it - in which case you will need to gradually increase the load by increasing the amount of exercise a day.Better to start with three times a week for three sets a day, gradually moved to their optimal load - six times a week.Do not forget about the food - the correct selection of products will help you to quickly pump up muscles.If you play sports, but you will continue to have the usual junk food, the effect will be much harder to achieve.If you follow the diet, the exercise will bring much more benefit.As a result, you will not achieve significant results in three months and three weeks.

Classes without equipment

is believed that the muscles of the hands of the relief can be achieved without the use of equipment.But how quickly pump up your biceps, if you do not have barbells and dumbbells?Many consider: own weight is enough to hand muscles began to grow.They practice push-ups and pull-ups, but this approach is fundamentally wrong.These exercises can serve as an additional burden that will accelerate muscle growth, but the basis for that bulging biceps, they can not act.Moreover, there are different kinds of push-ups and pull-ups that work for specific muscle groups, so you can not just jump on the bar and start to catch up with the hope that your biceps will grow.It is possible that with this approach you will begin to swing quite a different muscle group.So before you start practicing, it is better to consult a specialist.