Tonic drink.What applies to soft drinks ?The Law on energy drinks .Non-alcoholic tonics

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Every person at least once in his life had to fight fatigue.A student during the examination session is trying to catch up and learn the annual material.Blockage at work, report the urgent delivery of the project, and similar factors sometimes can not give us the time to recovery.Often in such situations, a person sleepy, he feels heaviness throughout the body, mental activity is greatly reduced.What to do in such a situation?Be strong, will restore the balance of power and energy tonic.

soft drinks at home

  1. Coffee.Of course, the first thing that comes to mind in such situations, and what many people are accustomed to this coffee.A cup of fragrant drink has become traditional in the majority of families.It is perfectly encourages the early morning, when you need to quickly run to school, to work, to college, and want to come back to a warm bed.There are hundreds of recipes for this drink, and list them makes no sense.Someone who likes coffee with cinnamon, vanilla, honey, caramel, cream, condensed milk, some prefer a soluble, while others - the brew.Whatever the recipe remains unchanged caffeine, which is found in the hot beverage.It was he a stimulant effect on our nervous system.
  2. Green tea.Beautiful natural tonics can be prepared on the basis of green tea.Strange as it may sound, but it contains much more caffeine than coffee.Also optional is an invigorating effect has tannin.To green tea had tonic properties, it must be properly prepared.Brew leaves should be no more than two minutes.Beautifully set off the taste of the tea honey, mint or lemon balm.
  3. Lemon mead.Tonic drink based on honey and lemon not only help energize the body, but also enriches its mineral complex of vitamins and minerals.

History drinks of Power

first Energy was developed by Dietrich Mateschitz in Austria in 1984.It was he who created the well-known Red Bull.Since then, the supermarket shelves, we can observe the annual trends of energy drinks.Energy has long conquered Europe and America.And only a few years after the fall of the Soviet Union appeared in the post-Soviet space.While in France, Turkey, Denmark, Norway, Uruguay and other countries ban soft drinks containing a high concentration of caffeine.

Composition of Power

dilemma about the benefits and harms of Power exists in every country.In order to decide for yourself, you need to understand: that applies to soft drinks and what they consist of?

main ingredient, which has a strong invigorating effect on the nervous system, as part of Power beverages is guarana extract or caffeine.The principle of operation of these components are similar, but in addition, Guarana has psychoactive effects on the human body.These substances contribute to more frequent operation of the heart muscle and increase blood pressure.

also toning soft drinks contain taurine - an amino acid animal origin.She has the ability to accelerate the energy processes in the body and strengthen the cardiovascular system.This component is able to significantly increase muscular endurance, which means that sustain physical activity you can to a greater extent and thus feel less fatigue.On average, one bank contains taurine energy 500 times more than a glass of red wine.

alcoholic tonics may be composed of theobromine.This antispasmodic which can improve mood, a small positive effect on the dosage of the cardiovascular system and brain.

Energy drinks with vitamin complexes contain B vitamins They contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system and brain of man.

byway components Energy

One of the little-known components that are tonic is glucuronolactone.It is a metabolite of glucose.The positive features include the ability to remove toxins from the human body.Stimulating effect on the person it does not have, however, is an excellent source of energy.The downside is the fact that the amount of glucuronolactone in such beverages is often more than the daily rate of five hundred times.Also, scientists have not studied the effect of glucuronolactone in tandem with caffeine on the human body.

energy dependence

controversial theme of energy is also a question: "Does the tonic dependence of the systematic consumption?" The unequivocal answer modern science has not yet given.It is known only the fact that these drinks have a negative impact on the fragile psyche of teenagers.

By drinking two cans of drink mood is able to radically change from bouts of joy to a state of depression.The main features of influence on behavior are increased talkativeness, increased heart rate, dilation of the pupils.Some Western doctors have theorized that energy can cause dependence, along with alcohol and drugs.

Energy drinks and alcohol

alcoholic tonics cause a false sense of sobriety.The reason for that are stimulants that make up their base.A person who uses a similar cocktail feels cheerfulness, a surge of strength and energy, but in fact it is just an illusion.When used observed incoordination and incoherence of thought.Illusion sobriety increases the dose of alcohol consumed, and can lead to fatal consequences.

basic rules of the use of tonic drinks

  1. tonic is allowed to use up to 250 ml per day.Scientists have established the fact that two cans of energy can cause disruption of the heart.Also, this dose significantly increases blood pressure.
  2. If a person has problems with the cardiovascular system, the consumption of soft drinks is strictly forbidden.
  3. also impossible to combine physical activity and energy, even a healthy heart can not sustain such a rhythm.
  4. After the invigorating action of energy the body needs time to sleep well and fully recover.
  5. forbidden to combine energy drinks with coffee or green tea.
  6. forbidden to use during pregnancy, lactation, insomnia, liver dysfunction, genitourinary system, the gastrointestinal tract, nervous system disorders.

normative regulation of energy drinks

Not so long ago Russia adopted a law on energy drinks.It contains provisions that restrict the sale and use of energy in the Russian Federation.The main purpose of the adoption of this regulation is to limit the consumption of soft drinks by teenagers.The ban includes all soft drinks that have caffeine in their composition and other components capable of providing a tonic effect.Not included in the list of soft drinks coffee, tea and soft drinks based on them.

Standards Act prohibits the drinking of power engineering in schools, kindergartens and hospitals, public transport, sports, educational and cultural organizations, to cultural events.The absolute ban on the use of soft drinks are minors.

Act tonic drinks provides for administrative responsibility for persons who do leave (Sale) Power minors.