Bench-transformer not only convenient, but also beautiful

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Every owner wants to create a beautiful garden near the house.At the same time want to be in it all was perfect.At first glance it seems that this is necessary to make a huge amount of effort and spend a lot of money.But in practice, things are a bit different.For example, a convertible bench, drawings that can be done even with their hands, to grace any garden.In addition, this convenient solution if you plan to frequent gatherings with friends.

What materials can be manufactured bench?

feature of this device is that it can be used as a bench or, if necessary, as a countertop with two benches.In addition, you can buy a ready-made model in the store or make it yourself.Typically, in order to create a quality bench was convertible, used wooden materials.Moreover, can be taken as natural wood or plywood or PVC.Of course, the first option will be more expensive, but the device is made not to serve 2-3 years and 20-30 years.It is advisable to cover the use of anti-fungal solution shop and paint varnish.This will be an excellent prevention of occurrence of rot.

Purchasing tools for working

Before the creation of the bench, you must ensure that all tools are available.So, in order to bench-transformer turned out high-quality and has served more than a decade, it is recommended to buy these tools and materials:

  • beam.
  • material from which the device will be manufactured.It should take already trimmed portion.
  • hacksaw or electric jigsaw.
  • Roulette.
  • fine sandpaper.
  • bolts and nuts.
  • Drill.

Preparation of drawings

To properly made convertible bench with your hands, make yourself better drawings.It is very important that was lost image of the final product.In drawing up the drawing is recommended to pay attention to three factors:

  • dimensions must correspond to the area of ​​construction, which will be subsequently set a bench-transformer.
  • Please note that the mobile device must have a mechanism that would create not so easy.
  • first need to calculate the size of the fixed parts, which will later be stitched together.

Progress: the bulk of

The first thing to make parts that will continue to be used as legs for the construction.For this purpose it is necessary to cut 8 equal pieces, length 70-75 cm. Is desirable from both sides to make cuts at an angle of 10 degrees.It is necessary for the balance when installed on a slope.

Next you need to make a frame for the two shops.Do they cut out the board.To do this, cut a length of 4 to 40 cm in length and 4 parts size of 1.70 m. The frame should be made more reinforcing elements.Actually, here and need a timber.His nailed at a distance of two feet from each other.So bench transformer will be protected by a side strain.Feet should be attached to the seat bolts 2-3 to safely held.From the timber should make a rectangle that is exactly the same size with a length of shops.On the inner side, it is fixed by additional stiffeners.It will be back (or table top).

Now you only have to connect to get the items into a single structure.It is not easy to do, because the need to work with large parts.It is therefore recommended not to do the work on their own, but together with the assistant.It is necessary to cut the length of the rod 2 in two feet.They should be placed between the bench and shield.After their consolidation should be cut a further 2 bar.Now, their size should be 110 cm. They are attached to a different bench in the middle to make it easier to dock both elements.Thus will be made convertible bench with their hands, the drawings which you can see in the article.

final stage: exterior finish

interesting that such a device can be placed in the room.Hence, it can be covered in two ways: it is recommended for the garden waterproof paint, and the house - wood stain or varnish.And if the second can also be finished with waterproof inks, the first can not be painted with varnish and morilkoy.Mnogie want in their garden there was something unusual, for example bench convertible.His hands make such a device will have no difficulty.Especially there is a great diversity of shapes and sizes.The main thing - at the end of paint it suitable means.If this is not done, the tree begins to rot because of the moisture.It is best to paint every 1-2 years to the bench is fully protected from bacteria.If desired, decorate the bench wild stone, clay and other materials.