Mystic dance rhythms

rhythm of the dance has always attached special importance he attributed a mystical sense.Even in ancient times it was established relationship between the rhythms of natural phenomena and the change in living conditions.Rhythm - the basis of primordial and its violation leads to a violation of the order in the universe.

Any change rate leads to a change of the energy structure of the information field, and thus affect the bio-energy and, of course, the psycho-physical condition of the person.

Each dance has its own rhythm, and this difference can be seen in the various dances of the peoples of the world.Moreover, this pattern can be used for activating and awakening of certain energy centers.

rhythm of African dance acts on our exciting, promoting the awakening primitive instincts that we have in a long forgotten civilization.Again, we feel unity with the primal nature, freely flowing into its rhythm.

Very interesting effect of Spanish dance Flamenco, which allows you to relive the incredible int

ensity of internal feelings.This rhythm, to a greater extent, affects the emotional center of our soul and, of course, to the will.

in gypsy dance rhythm influences, mainly on the "earthly" energy centers, which allows you to develop qualities such as independence, confidence and freedom.Movement in dance incendiary Razdolnoe.This dance is produced by self-sufficiency.About Tsygankov say "Thorns and Roses".On the one hand they are proud and beautiful as the flowers, on the other touch it carelessly - and ukoleshsya.

The Russian dance rhythms present the breadth of the soul, boldness, lust for life "here and now".It is a collective dance, dance, act on our spiritual energy center.All movements in the Russian dance are an extension of the crown.The figure of dance choreography often a circle as a symbol of peace.To prevail harmony and order, need center around which everything could rotate asthis is the point, concentrating all the power.In the dance are all connected central thread.For each person it is important to find the center in your body.As long as you keep in touch with its center (the Spirit), the whole body works in harmony.

In shamanic dancing shaman acts as a psychic, and dance as such turns into a collective meditation.This space is used (circle - as a symbol of light).Calls on the spirits worlds: lower (Earth and Water), medium (Plants, Fire) and Upper (Air).The participants are actively involved in this sort of dynamic meditation, accompanied by dimensional rocking cries with a gradual entry into ecstasy.It operates all: line of the body, kicks, claps, etc.There is an impact on the pleasure centers located in the medulla oblongata, and the energy passes through the body and the space, which contains all the dancing shaman.Having absorbed this energy, the shaman expels disease, and help him all the dances, which are in an ecstatic state.

In Arabic music that celebrates oriental dance (belly dance), the first thing we will hear is good - the melody, the rhythm of drums supported.Two opposite principles, male and female, are merged into one in the music.In this music, connect rigid, rhythmic and soft, even extended, melodious.Eastern melody gives the power connection and integrity.It is, on the one hand, smooths sharp corners rhythm, and on the other gives a fullness and the whole beauty of music.

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