How much money do you need to take in Thailand?

minimums for each are different.But we can imagine a spherical horse in a vacuum in the measurement of Phuket and four incarnations: the miser, economical, normal turyst and Rich Pinocchio.They each have different needs and the intensity of consumption of services at different levels.

For spherical Cheapskate week vacation only once rolled up to the nearest beach, and the remaining days will be to move on foot in the vicinity of their reservation, eat with makashnits or 7/11, drink only plain water (and the next day to allow yourself a bottlebeer) and to go on a couple of the most low-priced tours.Despite its skryazhistost, fit of generosity for a few magnets and slonegov (souvenir itself, the mother-and nachalnegu).Tipping it does not leave, do not go for a massage at the beach spreads a polotencheg.

Spherical Economist couple of times to go on a taxi to the nearest beaches and the once - to a distant (or will lease the car for a couple of days, plus a once in a taxi to the nearest beach), powered modest but tasteful (and once even a lobster supper) every day pamper yourself a beer (a bottle on the beach and in the evening), left a generous, in his opinion, a tip at the hotel for 40 baht a day, the miser to pay for sun beds, a couple of times a massage a couple of times and go on excursions averageprice category.Magnitegov bought all the friends, acquaintances and colleagues, and even forget to select one for the kitchen holodilnega office.

Spherical Plain turyst feels pochtishta Pinocchio.He knows that he can afford almost everything - even rent a car for all 7 days of the trip.And maybe a taxi almost every day to travel around the island.It feeds decent (by local standards) restaurants and periodically eats to satiety marine reptiles.In addition to beer and all shakes on the beach, evenings can go to the bar and sipping a mojito at a table overlooking the podtantsovyvat Transformers, he understands that life is good.In addition to massages salonchege near the hotel, once in the glamorous spa goes.About such trifles as a tip at the hotel and sun loungers on the beach, not even conceived.Excursions chooses to make it than to brag, shop and do not like at all.Well, home buying bowls, cups and vases of mysterious trees, so that surprise guests who still necessary to show a video tour on Phi Phi Island, bought already for 1,500 baht after the tour.

Spherical Pinocchio deep down knows that money to normal rest it is not enough.And here and spend something no matter what.I wanted to take Kruzak habit, but had to go at some jalopy Forchuner local assembly who mistakenly named Toyota ... It feeds where necessary, but since the banyan small selection of restaurants, has to do with Chernobyl shrimp and medallions of beef with sauce Smorchkova.Well, there's still Chota is on the menu, but the food is not Pinocchio picky.As well as in massage, while outside the hotel to go into salonchegi afraid - well, can not massage cost 300 baht, probably divorce.Secretly jealous usual turystam, which do not need to shove a half hour on a streamer to poshlyatstso the bars.For the sake of appearances, to go on a couple of individual excursions, and did not forget to buy a secretary some trinket on jewelry factory (relatives and colleagues is still no surprise).But

and their approximate costs for a week for two people:

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