No time for the hall: how to rock out at home

Subject sport is becoming increasingly popular, young people are increasingly perplexed problem pumping muscles.But not everyone has the desire or the opportunity to go to the gym.Who does not want to spend money on a ticket and coach, and someone just shy of doing sports at the foreign people.So relevant is the question of how to properly swing at home.However, it should warn you that for effective home workout still require some financial investment.

Pros and cons of home bodybuilding

Let's start with the disadvantages.

  • First and foremost is the lack of experienced coaches and athletes who are prompt about technique and correct execution.Therefore, beginners encouraged to first familiarize yourself with the basics of bodybuilding seriously absorbed in the problem of how to rock out at home, what mistakes to avoid.
  • Some argue that the atmosphere in the hall motivates them to engage themselves, so at home in this "athletes" is too lazy to do the exercises.The point here is goal-setting - whether or not we want to be pumped up or just pretend.

The advantages of practicing at home a lot more.First, you can make an individual schedule and engage in the most convenient time.Second, you can not think about their appearance, as well as that surrounding think if you take a very light weight, etc.Third, this is a serious savings in time and money.Fourth, you do not need to wait in line to get access to the simulator.Catching home, you can wear any clothes, turn on your favorite music and train for fun.

buy equipment

When we evaluated all the pros and cons of home training and decided that begin to swing in the home, should go into a sports shop for shells.For a start it will be enough to buy a vulture from the bar, Dumbbell vultures and a few pancakes (for example, 2 to 10 kg and 4 pancake 5 kg, 2.5 kg).This set is enough for us to work out major muscle groups.Gradually, you can not buy the necessary ammunition for domestic activities, such as bench-press and bench press rack, horizontal bar for pull-ups.

component of the program and schedule

So how to rock out at home is impossible without a system, you must first determine how many times a week will do.Beginners quite 3-4 times a week, so as not to overload the body at first.Next, we determine which exercises will perform.With the available inventory we can do:

  • lifting dumbbells and barbells biceps;
  • bench press barbell and dumbbell lying;
  • wiring with dumbbells;
  • squats, deadlifts;
  • thrust dumbbells in the slope;
  • standing barbell bench press, dumbbell on dilution of the delta;
  • push-ups, curl the press.

Thus, it is possible to work out the entire body when swinging at home.The training program consists in the elaboration of 1-2 muscle groups in one class and the whole body in a week.For example, on Monday, doing squats, deadlifts.On Wednesday - the rise of the biceps, abs.Friday - push-ups, military press.Saturday - pull-ups on the horizontal bar, pull the dumbbells in the slope.

Now we know how to rock out at home, and with strong motivation and self-belief we will achieve significant results.