Fashion charity bag with oriental motifs

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Laga Designs - is original handmade bags of various kinds and designs, covered with oriental ornaments.

At the same time, it is - not the usual brand of fashion accessories, the history of which is worthy of a separate story.

All will remember the terrible tsunami caused by an earthquake that claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of residents from the west coast of Sumatra in December 2004.

Immediately after the disaster California resident Roy van Broekhuizen, working a simple merchant, received a call from his church.He was asked to lead a group of people who will travel to Indonesia to fight the consequences of the disaster.

Especially that Roy has a lot to this country.His family emigrated from Indonesia when he was 9 years old.Roy's wife Louise also has Indonesian roots.

This trip has completely changed the life of Roy.After seeing the devastating impact of the tsunami for the locals, he could not remain on the sidelines after the first trip to Indonesia decided again to go back.

desire to help disadvantaged led to the idea to create handbags.Roy and his wife opened a small workshop where they work Indonesian women.

They sew bags with distinct oriental motifs.Roy provides them with decent wages, housing and food.In his workshop atmosphere of peace and love.Roy helps to restore or build new homes for families who work for him.

«When you order a bag Laga, know that you are helping to make the future survivors of the tsunami, the brighter and more prosperous, and let it serve as a reminder that others, too, can help", - says Roy.

Laga Handbags made and embroidered entirely by hand and look very nice and original.Each bag has a symbolic name like Love, Peace, Hope, Remember, Believe, Live.

addition to the usual daily bags, cosmetic bags and purses, they also produce luggage bags.And most importantly, these accessories are generally from 90 to 150 dollars.There are models cost even less than $ 90.The most expensive luggage bag worth $ 399.

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