Why and how the breast droops way to eliminate this problem?

woman at any age want to look young, beautiful and desirable.But sooner or later there comes a time when the fairer sex has to be paid to their appearance time and effort than usual.Unfortunately, many women are faced with a problem when the bust loses its firmness and elasticity.What to do in a situation where the breast droops?

Often chest begins to "lose the form" after childbirth or debilitating diets.Of course, age is also one of the main reasons why breast "falls."However, the above problem can occur in young girls.Most likely, they hang down his chest as a result of genetic predisposition - no elastic pectoral muscles and elasticity of the skin that give breasts seductive form.

When the breasts become loose, there is a lowering of the nipple and breast tissue.Many ladies can ask quite a natural question: "I have breast droops.Can I return it elasticity and a beautiful shape without surgery? "To a certain extent this is possible.

The mammary gland is a structure composed of glandular tissue that connects muscle to the membrane through the connective tissue.The glandular tissue surrounded by fat, and its top layer of the skin ends.The larger the size of the breasts of a woman, the more fat is in the structure of the glandular tissue.Not least in the amount of breast hormones play - which is why during pregnancy and monthly breast increases in size.

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So what help if breast droops?Firstly, a set of special exercise.They will in a few months the above part of the body to its normal state.

Of special note is the problem on "Breast feeding after dropped."This is primarily due to hormonal disruptions in the body of the mother.Yes, and the skin is stretched due to the increased volume of the breast during lactation, which also can not affect the general condition of the body is so important for any woman.

Following a diet almost all the fairer sex is fixed decrease in breast volume.They burn fat tissue, breast size becomes smaller, the result is a surplus of skin that hangs.As a rule, this is a temporary phenomenon.After a few weeks the breast gets its natural form.

Of course, this is not all the reasons why breast droops.But they are the most common.

restore breast shape will help traditional medicine.In particular, the lotion can be prepared from cucumber.The recipe is simple: a cucumber is ground on a grater, squeeze the juice through a sieve, then mixed with vodka at a ratio of 1: 2.Every day before going to bed should be treated according to the composition of the chest, without affecting the nipple and the halo.Also quite effective mask of oatmeal.Two tablespoons of cereal necessary to pour boiling water and allow to cool.After that, the mask is applied to the chest, and a quarter of an hour wash off with lukewarm water.Making such a procedure should also be every day in the evening, after the end of the area is recommended to massage the breast with a rough towel, to improve blood circulation.Regularly take douche.

sure to follow its own posture as hunched back increases the effect of sagging breasts.Experts also recommend wearing a bra (even if you're home alone) - for saggy breasts, he must have the right shape and rigid foundation.