Top dozen erotic lingerie

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no secret that lingerie - an important part of the toilet is connected not only with the needs of the ladies, but also their self-esteem.The woman carefully picks intimate wardrobe, the more she respects herself.Elegant lingerie women indulge not only themselves, but also those who are honored to see him.
There are ten most erotic pieces of lingerie.

1. Babydoll - a short semi-transparent gown with fur, lace, thin straps and playful laces.Babydoll creates incredibly feminine image.

2. Body suits - when you need to demonstrate your eroticism, this piece of linen or fine translucent mesh fabric with lace, cut-outs and decorations, tight-fitting shape will help you instantly turn into a predatorypanther.

3. Bra (or push-up) - a relative of the ordinary bra.Sconce imparts additional breast volume bust supporting bottom, and at the same time opens the seductive forms on.

This bra - something functional and beautiful: you can choose the model, richly decorated with silk or lace, or the maximum baring breasts bra.

4. Bust - this piece of underwear due to a dense frame fits snugly and supports the breast even strapless.Not burdened shoulders straps are known to have a special charm ...

5. Shirt - erotic shirt in a large cage, like a fishing net, creating a romantic and tantalizing image.

seductive chemise give vinyl and lace inserts, contrast detail, huge bows.

6. Stockings - they can pull off the ladies' legs slowly and playfully.

Fantasy designers here knows no bounds.Stockings decorated with ornaments, figures, stripes, crystal and even brooches.However

classic sexy hosiery-genre, of course, remain black stockings with wide back seam.

7. Belt and suspenders - garter ritual Releasing of stockings for men is like a symbolic conquest of women.

8. Dress Baby dollars - short translucent dress fastens with one button under the breast and increasing downward.

If you are tired image of sexual predator, develop for a time in the infantile beauty: a frivolous dress in the style of "Barbie" would be very helpful here.

9. Gloves and Mitts - lace gloves, long, up to the elbow, or the feminine stubby considered one of the most erotic accessories.

10. Boa - feathers are third-degree erotic material after lace and transparent fabrics.Hide the naked body in a lush fluffy boa - elegant and seductive.

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