As home to restore vision?

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Through human eyes perceive the world visually.Due to the fact that the eyes are exposed to very severe stress, visual acuity over time can significantly deteriorate.As you know, the best treatment of the disease is its prevention, prevention.It is therefore important to know how to maintain eye health throughout life and how at home to restore vision if it felt worse.

Causes of visual impairment

There are many ways how to restore sight without surgery.However, from the very beginning you need to know exactly what the immediate causes that led to its deterioration.Often, the cause is a hereditary factor, as well as the wrong way of life, bad habits.Seriously affect the quality of alcohol and smoking.Furthermore, deterioration may be caused by the intake of antibiotics.

long sedentary work, such as a computer, eyesight weakens and can even lead to myopia as well visible objects nearby, but away they are not actually different, or farsightedness, when, on the contrary, close objects are seen with difficulty, and in the distancevery well differ.

It may also happen that require medical assistance.Therefore, the cause of the disease need to know necessarily.A person who feels blurred vision, you should reconsider your lifestyle and maybe even give up some habits.How to restore the vision in myopia, hyperopia, and other eye diseases?

Gymnastics and exercise

There are many useful exercises for the eyes, which improve eyesight due to the fact that the eye muscles work better and stronger.

good exercises you can do while walking on the street.Here are some of them:

  • Select a tree and mentally to wrap his thread.Eyes thus must follow the surface of the wood with an imaginary thread.
  • Select any poster on the street and read it, slowly moving away.You can also read the poster, standing at the same distance, but often at the same time blinking.

perfect remedy for tired eyes is palming.Do the exercises in the following way: a good rubbing hands together and heating them to impose their eyes, folded in such a way so as not to press on the eyeballs and provide hands Eye absolute darkness.Keep the palms so ten to fifteen minutes.

How to improve visual acuity and how to restore the vision?Exercise can be as follows:

  • Zoom finger to his nose so that he could not see.Gradually distancing finger focus the mind on its tip.So zoom in and out several times.
  • Straighten the arm and pulled her finger.Behind him fix some point and turns to look at the finger on this point, increasing the speed and without losing a clear focus.The same exercise is done without fixed terms (but it is necessary to look into the distance).

well strengthen eye muscles, frequent blinking, eye turns to the side and a circular motion with a fixed head.

Massage eyes

Even before the exercises useful to stretch forever to accelerate blood circulation.This is done using a delicate massage:

  • Rub the eyelids, forehead and nose to toes redness, not pushing.
  • massaged his temples and one the other way.
  • eyeball massage around your index finger and gently press two fingers on the eyes.

Water Treatments Eye

take two bowls of hot and ice-cold water (for it in the cold water you need to add pieces of ice).Immerse the face in one and another container, making sure their feelings.The latter should be a bowl of ice water.

need to focus on the eyes and imagine a positive result from the procedure.And then the question "how to restore the vision of the 'disappears, replaced by a pleasant practice of giving not only the restoration, but also fun.

This procedure can be carried out before the massage and gymnastics for the eyes.

The same can be done without dipping face in the water and two strips of cloth dipped in a bowl of water and applying tissue compresses on the eyes turn a few times.The duration of each overlay is about one minute.Check need a cold compress.


important factor for those who are looking for an answer to a question about how at home to restore vision is proper nutrition.The diet must include foods such as fish, liver, milk, carrot juice and parsley.

Blueberries - beautiful natural product for healthy eyes.It will help those who are looking for ways on how to restore the vision in the nearsightedness or farsightedness.It is useful to have blueberries, make decoctions of the leaves and cook juices.You can also dig blueberry eyes.Drops are prepared immediately before use.To do this, squeeze five or six berries through cheesecloth and add a few drops of distilled water.Buried eye once a day for a couple of drops.

As home to restore vision?This helps vegetable juice prepared from the following ingredients: chicory, carrot, parsley and celery.All components need to take thirty grams and mix.The mixed juice drink once a day.

perfect tool - carrot juice with honey.On a typical fresh carrot juice add a spoonful of honey.Within two weeks of drinking the juice of the improvement is felt.

is useful for restoring the health of the eyes and parsley.The scrolled through a meat grinder parsley add honey and lemon juice.Means taken an hour before eating one tablespoon in one to two months.

As home to restore vision?Eight Steps to Success

1. Identify the cause of visual impairment.

2. give up bad habits such as alcohol and smoking.

3. Maintain correct way of life, adhere to continuous sleep and wakefulness.

4. Eat right, using in their diet foods restore and improve eyesight.

5. Make baths or compresses to the eye.

6. Hold eye massage.

7. Do exercises for the eyes.

8. While walking to do exercises for the eyes.