Fiend cabinet

- Apchhhh - suppressed cough guy hiding under the bed.- What, she did not immediately removes?What a dusty here!Climbed all in feathers, like a wet chicken from the egg.If you get out ... And it all started so well!

His girlfriend was one of the brightest girls in their course at the institute.Initially, general gatherings in the library gradually grew into a candy buketny courtship.Week after week went, and here, at last!After the movie, favorite offered to stay with her.

She rented a house in the old part of the city, two-storey houses, which were built in the middle of the last century, the German prisoners.In the room with high ceilings except the old cabinet, grandfather clock, a bed and a round table at the window, no furniture was no more.

But our love was not before.Clothing fell on the floor, creaking old bed spring with iron headboards ... After rough sex she immediately fell asleep, turned to the wall.A man was sitting on the edge of the bed and smoked blissfully, wiping his sweaty back tip sheets.Tuneless clock struck midnight.And in response they creaked loudly cabinet door ...

door cranked hard on the creaking hinges, from the depths of the closet there was an old lady in a white dress, with a black tea in his hands.The boy began to move completely all the hair on the body.A man fell off the bed onto the floor, as if from under him with a jerk pulled the mattress.And now he trembles under the bed, covered in dust and fluff, and past him shuffling steps moves devil cabinet.

Specter went to the kitchen.Loud rattle water on the bottom of an iron kettle.Then the ghostly figure again crossed the room diagonally and hid in the closet.Man for a long time to come to life on the dirty floor, but watch rustled and struck the next hour.Wardrobe in response silent.The boy sat down carefully on the edge of the bed:

- Shedding hence it is necessary, without delay ... No wonder they say that the ghosts in old houses are found.

But then she turned to the other side and her warm hand touched the male side.It's a little sobered youth:

- What did she say when I will see this morning?Pomatrosil and threw?No, you can not leave.A guy I or not a man?Yes, and bring long pours water into the teapot.Maybe all night enough?Drunk well, hang around longer in the apartment is not ...

rest of the night he spent in the troubled half-conscious.In the brain, twist and twist into a ring with a spooky ghost mugs, kettles and basins.And one particularly brazen ghoul even started splashing him with water from a hose.He jumped up on the bed.

- Get up, sleepyhead!Wake you, wake, did not I'll get.Here, I decided to sprinkle some water.We are late already!- I leaned over him his friend with a mug in his hands.

clothing, man gloomily pondered how to delicately tell his beloved that her apartment is found a ghost.Suddenly even fall into a swoon?And he did not even know what to do in such cases, in a sense lead.And, as if in answer to his sad thoughts, in a deserted room closet door creaked again ...

From the powerful men cry with peeling ceiling crumbled lime.Pieces smoothly dived on his shoulders and hair neat old woman who was out of the closet.

- Narnia!Kingdom in the closet!And you, too, live in the closet?- He turned to his girlfriend, has wasted his room screaming.

- Which closet?- She did not understand.- This is the entrance to another room!It's just such a door, old.I met my great-grandmother.I live in her.

Then the guy for a long time feeling the massive carved door jamb old and wondered:

- Indeed, the cabinet looks like.Especially if in the dark.

Then thought shot through his head:

- Looks like my grandmother heard, what we are engaged in another room!She just something in my throat and dry!

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