today is becoming increasingly important is the notion of "callousness".What happened to the people out there trying to realize itself, to eliminate the problems, but do not even interested in the difficulties of their relatives and friends?It is said that before the surrounding were more responsive than now.

Soulless people in the bustle of the city

Examples callousness - this obsession with his personality, ignoring the others.In the urban bustle of the purpose of each individual - to earn more in order to become successful.Time is money - so people are not accustomed to spending it to help a stranger.However, there are places where people are held together more closely than in the big cities.For example, villagers tend not to boast good earnings, and everyone can only count on a minimum household income.But everyone has their own farm, the beds are planted in early summer, the autumn harvest.Relationships in the villages are built on mutual aid.Today you have to help a neighbor in the field work, and in the winter, if you run out of food, the man will not deny you.The urban environment is very rare that attitude, everything is measured in money.For any assistance used to charge a fee.

Who are these heartless people?

What is the callousness?What is a man without a soul, without the most important component of its essence?That's just one example.If a person suddenly falls on the street, only some will help him, and the rest is easier to pass.

Why in the 21st century people are going about their business and show callousness?What is going to happen to a man, that he showed no sympathy towards others?"I have absolutely no time to help your neighbor, I'm in a hurry" - this is an excuse for many.But is it so hard to devote a few minutes to pick up a fallen or ask whether all is well at the man who stopped suddenly and his whole appearance shows that it is bad?

not help - do not mean to be callous

Many talk about heartlessness.What is the absence of the soul, in fact, only a few know.Rumor has it that the Russian broad, boundless, and that many use.Many beggars are on the streets and ask for money.Some came from out of town, and they have no means for the return journey, others ask for money for an operation for her child, who may soon die.It is strange to see these people in a few years at the same place, if you are first given a ticket just as much as he needed, and the second claimed that the child left to live for several months.So they are trying to put pressure on the pity, to make money.Russian people - by nature generous, and if someone asks for help, then he would respond, but if the request did not sound, then most likely, it will pass.You do not need to help those who do not need it, but it is always better to ask whether you want your man to promote something or at least sympathy.