UN agencies and their functions

This organization is the largest association of an international plan.She is considering various problems of global significance.Its activities cover the whole world.The UN was established in 1945 and today brings together 191 countries.Besides offices, to solve the main problem of the world, there are specialized agencies of the United Nations.Consider the structure, objectives and functions of the international organization and all aspects of its activities.

the United Nations in its work to solve many problems which are set out in its charter.The main one is the maintenance of peaceful relations between the two countries and ensuring security for all people living on Earth.Formation of the friendly relations between the states based on the principles of equality, as is the responsibility of the organization.In case of conflict the United Nations should assist in resolving them quickly.Its objective is to consolidate the country and to solve common problems.

These global challenges have become the reason that there were specialized agencies of the UN.Each of these units solves your range of issues.These UN organizations spend a significant part of the work associated with the international union.It is controlled and regulated by the UN Charter.You can distinguish the following specialized agencies of the UN.

1. The International Monetary Fund.This is one of the most famous units.The IMF is engaged in the development of cooperation between the two countries in the field of finance.It provides stability and economic relations.This organization is a place where consultations in the field of international financial relations.Where any country can seek advice and assistance on any issue in this area.

2. World Meteorological Organization.Engaged in research in the field of the Earth and its climate.It also promotes cooperation between countries in this area.

3. World Health Organization.Develops and implements programs in the field of health.It deals with advocacy and drug supply of countries with low living standards.

4. World Intellectual Property Organization.Involved in the protection of copyright, patents and trademarks.

5. Universal Postal Union.This organization coordinates the work of the Universal Postal Service.

6. The World Tourism Organization.Solve world issues in the field of tourism.It is a forum for the exchange of experiences and other issues related to tourism.

7. Organization of Civil Aviation of international importance.It coordinates the work in this area, developing norms and standards required for a quality and safe conduct of operations.It establishes cooperation in this field between the two countries.

8. Maritime Organisation of international importance.Resolves issues related to international shipping.It is also responsible solution to the problems of marine pollution caused by ships on the open spaces.

9. The International Atomic Energy Agency.It controls the use of nuclear energy in order to increase security.

10. International Labour Organization.It solves the problems associated with the use of labor resources.

UN agencies also include the International Telecommunication Union, the International Fund for Agricultural Development, the Organization for Science, Culture and Education, Food and Agriculture Organization and the Organization for Industrial Development.Each of them solves problems in a certain area.

Special UN agencies are included in its structure and subject to the statute.