Habits men.

Sometimes habits second half we angered, infuriated, and sometimes just laugh.In order to keep the family together, build strong relationships, efforts should be made to both men and women.None of us are perfect, and it is important to be able to forgive each other little flaws.

Women sometimes can not figure out how to react to the behavior of the man she loved, and his habits.After a few years of marriage when the passion goes away, we notice that we are beginning to annoy a loved one in many things, even though they do not have a significant impact on the marriage.It would seem that recent favorite was so romantic, and now falls asleep immediately after sex, and throwing socks at the corners.

What is the habit of the men do not give the fair half of mankind live in peace?


different items of clothing in all imaginable and unimaginable places of the house - a real threat to family happiness.Of particular irritation cause scattered around the house dirty socks.Interestingly, according to the theory of some scientists, so the man aiming his personal territory.

Loud sounds

Switching channels from one to another, and without revealing anything of interest, weary man falls asleep, without bothering to turn off the television or at least lower the volume.Another sound that is able to bring out of yourself - it's a loved one snores.This phenomenon is not the norm, and may be a consequence of injury, diseases of the respiratory system.Therefore, you must be examined and treated.

Lack of attention

Unfortunately, this flaw have more than half of married men.Of course, this situation is very annoying their wives.According to psychologists, the forgotten words of love, the reluctance to pronounce them - a serious test for the marriage.A woman needs to communicate with a loved one, and simple attention to its problems.Marriage - is the proximity of two people, it is necessary to remember both partners.

Washing dishes and table manners

Each of us were taught as a child to clean up after themselves after a meal.Only the representatives of the strong half of humanity usually leave the mountain dishes in the sink, ignoring this rule.Moreover, they feel like the privilege of exclusively female occupation, not even bothering to rinse after drinking a cup of tea.

In addition, not every man is different knowledge of etiquette at the table, therefore, considers it appropriate to slurp noisily chew.Especially frustrating when such habits of men appear at a party or a restaurant.

Long 'meeting ยป

One of the most annoying female male habit is a long stay in the dressing room.All this process the representatives of the strong half of humanity are often accompanied by reading books and magazines, crossword puzzles, smoking, etc.As a result, to get to the bathroom for other family members becomes very problematic.

Another irritating factor associated with dressing room, a habit of not closing the door behind him.Sure, between husband and wife secrets should not be, but not necessarily put on display the things which do not want to watch under any circumstances.

Another annoying point for many women - not lifted the toilet lid.It does not matter, as many times been said about it, it is still the man to forget to pick up.


Many representatives of the strong half of humanity does not find it necessary to go to shower daily, as well as to change socks and underwear.Such habits of men are forced to play the role of a woman and a caring mother and then call to order a reminder to wash hands before meals and take a shower.

Looking at strangers

very unpleasant thing for a woman is a companion of the other ladies-seed while walking with her.Many men desire to go to the left, they say, in the blood.However, a faithful husband, does not lack for attention favorite can keep an eye on the beauties only to prove their worth and cause jealousy of his wife.But if a man belongs to the category of ladies' men, no jealousy situation will not improve.


sexual habits of men who irritate women are quite diverse.Many men love during sex whip themselves obscene words or so loudly express their pleasure, they hear all the neighbors in the area.It should be noted feature of untidiness and fall asleep immediately after the close.

Women often complain that men need sex at the wrong time.For example, when she is going to work.Although initially this relationship healthy habit absolutely no one interferes.

Another thing that angers women - it calls in the middle of lovemaking, which immediately reacts partner.Such habits of men just cause resentment among the representatives of the opposite sex because it feels the presence of a stranger in bed.

Computer addiction

In today's world, often replacing the communication with the wife becomes the computer.After all, the virtual space has a lot of interesting opportunities to spend time.Not surprisingly, the number of men who are fond of virtual life is constantly growing.The woman in this case it is necessary only to observe the back of her husband.And turn off the computer the most interesting place not risk even the most daring.There will have to try to think of a way that can switch the attention of the man on the family and children.


seemed to sport - it is a healthy habit.But only in the case when a man engaged in it, and is not an avid fan.Many women complain that the beloved watches do not come off from the TV screen, looking at football, hockey or basketball.The most reliable way to deflect from this favorite pastime is a joint exercise, which is not only good for health, but also allow more time to spend together.

Smoking and alcohol

These bad habits of men not only cause irritation of the beautiful half, and are a threat to health.Smoking can cause lung cancer, lip, mouth or trachea.Under the influence of nicotine increases the pressure increases the risk of atherosclerosis, vasospasm occurs.Smoking and adversely affects the nervous system, leading to deterioration of memory and reduce mental activity.

passion for alcohol can be called by this social scourge that destroys the family and human health.Exposed to the negative impact of all human organs, interferes with the normal work of the heart, the liver is destroyed, killing brain cells.In addition, these addictions have a negative impact on male fertility.

positive habits

But at the same time, our men have a lot of positive habits, which can not but rejoice.For example, the habit before the woman to open the door, give the lady the most delicious piece of food, interest in family lover, watch movies, that like his beloved, give flowers with or without, feeding companion outerwear etc.All of this indicates wonderful upbringing men.

Some habits of men are able to conquer the hearts of most women.For example, the ability to speak the beautiful compliments.It is like and shy girl, and self-confident ladies.After all, each of us is a pleasure to feel its uniqueness.

Any woman nice when for her lover or spouse refuses to meet with friends, or from going to football, thereby putting the beloved in the first place.Such habits of men make a lady feel special, give it confidence that a partner really appreciate these relations.

Equally pleasing calls or SMS from a loved one for no reason.Suffice it to a few nice words to feel desired and desirable.

Pleasant surprises, which are able to make men women do not leave indifferent even after many years of marriage.And it is not necessary to present the wife of jewelry, because a lot of positive emotions can present unexpected invitation to the theater or the movies, or just a pleasant walk in a picturesque location.

Such good habits - is a manifestation of man's concern about women, they remind us that have not yet translated the true knights and gentlemen.