A letter of request - this is our emotional message requiring mandatory response

Whether you like it or not, but any kind of activity is not possible without the assistance and requests for assistance.Working in a small or large company, you are bound to interact with many of the leaders and employees of other organizations, colleagues or employers, partners and clients.Here are driving business and personal correspondence, often using email.

course, a letter of request written only when to do a good reason: we need the information, documents, financial assistance, any action.Therefore, the text should be appropriate.He is obliged to clearly convey the essence of the problem and how to solve it, desire or demand.It is unacceptable in such letters splashes emotions, they should be contained, even if you read it you will be the closest person, not to mention the business correspondence.Funny, but most of the correspondents have not been studied at the time the rules of etiquette, make this mistake and scribbling in the texts: "Disgusting!We demand!Strictly! "So often this emotional state letter of request does not receive the expected response, and simply ignored the person who received it.

To avoid this, before you start writing, ask the key questions: "What is to be done?", "What is the result you need to get?" Then it will be easier to formulate the main phrase such as: "I beg youfinance the project ... "," I look forward to your participation ... "One letter of request may contain several petitions or proposals, then it includes the appropriate words, such as" At the same time we hope ... "" At the same time ... ","At the same time, please assist in .... "

In no case can not ignore the rules of common courtesy, so whether it be private or business letter, a request must be presented correctly.And no matter how much you like or disliked his recipient, remember that writing pen (keyboard), and not cut down with an ax.Also, any message can be read not only the recipient but also his colleagues, relatives, friends.Why put yourself and others in an awkward position?

The rules of etiquette, as well as the rules of business correspondence, it is important to be able to welcome companion.Even working as a salesman in a stall, is unacceptable to leave anyone without this important element of the hostel, the more appealing to anyone for help.Therefore, each letter of request must begin with a concise and respectful greetings and good wishes and end with a polite farewell, having read that the recipient, even if you do not know you personally, understands that does not deal with a hysterical person, and the person in control of himself.

Let's briefly imagine how it should look structurally letter, please?Example: a greeting, a brief description of the situation, the subject matter and the petition, an expression of hope for help, a polite goodbye.

in our lives every day, his actions and the actions you are wittingly or unwittingly create a reputation.The letters you write, are a very important component in the life process.