Sliding doors for wardrobes: variety and cost

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sliding doors for wardrobes provide a comfortable operation and significant savings in space, thereby placing such storage space can even be in a small room in which there is no possibility to install cabinet with swing door.The sliding system is the main part of the piece of furniture, without which it is impossible to complete the operation.

material for the manufacture of

basic materials for the manufacture of doors are steel or aluminum.The latter has many advantages, among which:

  • little weight;
  • guide covers a wide variety of panels;
  • durability;
  • silent and easy operation.

These criteria are largely influenced by the quality of the material and its proper handling.Aluminium with a small thickness profile design can not long keep the doors without deformation while.And any change in the shape of the guide panel ensures trouble opening and closing doors, and, subsequently, its failure.

For this reason, choosing the furniture, you need to carefully study the characteristics of the sliding system and ask all the questions the furniture consultant.System sliding door wardrobe is the most important part of it, without which the full functionality of a piece of furniture.

What to look for when choosing a door

main criteria for selection are:

  • strength of the material .The thickness of the profile depends on the quality of the entire system.
  • quality cover .It can be made in gold, silver, wood, metal.The main point is the lack of uniformity in all blistering and coating layer.Sliding door system closet should be a combination of materials that will perfectly blend in and do not require complex care.
  • quality of the clips .On them depends the usefulness of opening of the door.If the movie is even small defects door operation will be uncomfortable, and soon the system will cease to function.

sliding doors for wardrobes to be performed in accordance with all technological moment, then they will have a high quality that will provide reliable operation for a long time.

Varieties of

Depending on the design of shared three types of sliding doors:

  • On Roller mechanisms .There are suspension or support system, it is used as rollers to move the elements that go on a solid rail.
  • Prisoners in profile (aluminum, steel or wood).The best choice - is an aluminum profile, it is not deformed, not erased during use and is more durable, unlike the hollow steel profile.

  • FRAMELESS .These sliding doors for wardrobes presented whole cloth chipboard, which is suspended on the roller mechanism.Canvas large size over time, subject to strong deformations.
  • System radius-type .Used for cabinets with semicircular elements.Folded profile allows you to create unusual designs in which the door moves smoothly as possible.

choice of system depends on the desired design wardrobe and functional features.

Operating principle

mechanism sliding door wardrobe - it is the interaction of a solid with a high-quality guide rollers.The panel is attached to the inner surfaces of the upper and lower shelves of the cabinet, and door fixed roller mechanisms, their number depends on the weight of the sliding system and a method for its operation.

cost of

Each company has its own well-established price list for sliding doors.Wardrobe, the price of which varies depending on the type of system and the materials used for its production, is a good choice for any room.Costs are given in the table below.


Price, rub.
DSP-filling 10,300
Sand blasting 12,800
Tinted glass 13,200

sliding doors for wardrobes to be combined with the overall style of the room.Most often used for decorative inserts choose ordinary glass.

It is a versatile option for any interior, and further expands the space of the room.