How many centimeters you need to be happy?

Before you see the post on, to begin to answer the question: "how many centimeters, YOU need to be happy?"

answer?Then, safely under the cut!

Yeshe at school, sitting at the desk at math class, I wondered.How many centimeters, the person to be happy.Why centimeters, you ask?Because it is not mathematics ..bud well) Yes, and look at the reaction when asking such a question, I do not cease to please.

Frankly, the question answered all)

And the answers were quite diverse.11 class, and not the whole nation has been spoiled) pomimo length pipiski was Yeshe mnooogo interesting.


first answer my friend Sasha, calling number 60.

- 60 what?- I was taken aback.

- 60 is the girth of my waist, and this figure brings happiness IU) Not dvusmysenno smiled Dima, Sasha, when he wanted to say something.

- Well, you Dimka, you see how much you need for happiness?

- I will not answer this vpros.

- Why is that?

- It is not politically correct.


- Well, look, I send you I can not, since it is not because of what.

- Well, thank you, my friend ..

- Wait, I can not send.A member of the ppo speak - it makes no sense, because to each his own.For me (Dima looked at Sasha) all great.

- Dime, but what about the poll?- Sasha innocent voice faltered.- Poll ... write 0 cm. And I do not bad)

Let me tell you the best anecdote.

One man was a member of 50 cm. He wanted to reduce it and went to the doctor, but he did not help.Then he went to his grandmother-sorceress, and she says:

- You go to the swamp, where you meet a frog and asked her to marry you.

It will say "no" and a member of the decrease by 10 cm.

Man comes to the swamp, and the frog said:

- Come marry me!

She told him:

- No, man!

member decreased by 10 cm. The man was delighted and says further:

- Well frog marrying me!

She told him:

- No, do not go out!

became a member of 30 cm. The man thinks:

- Well, another 10 cm to reduce and everything!

and asked her to marry.And the frog says:

- Man, I'll say to you: no, no and no again!

- And what this anecdote? - I asked.

- And the fact that it is not measured in centimeters happiness.

- wise .... - I nodded ..

..Bez fawn crawling up the aisle past the desks, to continue the survey, I came across someone's legs.

- Oh, Ksenia.What are you crawling here?

- Vit .. you know, I've been spending survey.

- On the floor?

- Not really.

- Okay.Ask.

- see how many you need to be happy?

- hmm ... the order thought the tall boy Vitya.- I think there is pdvoh ... so I'll answer 73.

-?I'm sorry what?

- cm)

- uh ... where?- Nenaydya anything clever I asked.

- Yes, I do not know ... just a funny figure.

Vitya without the pale stepped over me and went on.

sleduyushy crawled to the desk, I noticed skuchayushego Pasha.

- Pashustik.Pashustik!

- Oh, Ksenia) What are you doing here - as always dreamily stretched Pasha.

- Yes, that's spending survey.How many see tebe need to be happy? - Oh ..- handed Pasha.- 45. Write my girth bitsuhi)

- Dream with the world, Pashul .. I hissed and moved on.

- Masha.Well Mash.

- What?

- The answer to the question.How do you see the need to be happy.

- 1 meter - without hesitation rapped Maria.

- Yeah ... I aherela.And why, forgive my indiscretion?

- This is the length of my legs!- Proudly said Masha.

- Mmm solid ..- I mumbled.- Like ... and crawled on.

- 25. - proudly rattled off Kohl.

- I'm sorry what?- I was not cut.

- 25 cm. You do the survey was conducted about the pussy, so I said, 25.

- Hmm .. Kolyasik, but not too much you alone then?m?- I start to laugh.

- Oh, okay.The girls like it.- Once said irritably Nicholas.

- Yeah, like .. already dying in his chair, I broke off - only prichem you here?

- Yeah, well, you Ksenia.- Why was offended and left Kohl for his desk.

- Peter.Answer the question.

- Do not bother, I'm busy.

- Sing, one question, and I lag behind.

- Leave me alone.

- Peter!I broke down and pulled his notebook.

- What do you want.- As a not very friendly I asked our nerd with an economic bias Novikov.

- Sing, see how much you need to be happy.

- What kind of garbage?

- It's not garbage, but the survey.All answers except you.

- 25 cm I think it will suit ..

- Who?

- Female.

- A ....- ohrenevshy-handed ohrenevshy I ..

- ..But it must be less than - and the height of a stack of bills stoevrovyh.And best of shares or securities.

- Phew ... And I thought that our Petka crazy like carried by.So write 25 cm stock.

- What about boobs - proorala my ear horse Dasha, 4 breast size in its 17 years.

- Yes indeed, I said - not far behind the Dasha.

- Write.25 - member.120 - chest.

- Yeshe ideals will?- I asked.

- E. Knight, you wishes will be to see?- I asked at the main pi *** Bolkiah class.

- Talia both Sasha and legs as Masha, and that would eat and not get fat.- Yeah, as a joke:

How many centimeters a woman need to be happy?

12. Go now from the refrigerator sausage she'll get ... Well ... like 12 centimeters ...

Time 0:50.Here it is happiness - to eat at night and not get fat =))))

- It is not over 10. - I replied Konyasha.

- Missing centimeters have to compensate batonom.- I said, and realized that the reference in the internet, for fun, we flip through the same Horse.How many centimeters, you need to be happy?

- Why are you so tortured?- I asked my friend Edward, buhnuvshis me at the desk.- Verification wrote?

- Damn, we are in fact control, - I suddenly remembered.

- Yeah, but do not worry, I have to cancel.

- Edward - sporosila I naskoryak writing off geometry.

- What?

- And how do you see the need to be happy?

- Mother, this is what you nA issues such warped?

- Eddie, well the answer.How Many?

- Well, let it be 2 meters.

- 2?- I. 'You surprised me the most wonderful of course, but Najera you two - I am humbly asked.

- Well, look, I'll be two meters rostom and therefore has the potential to improve their ranking in front of you, you enjoy the same high?

- Well, just you and me so much above 15 cm.

- Well then, what seals the trees removed and the award of the beautiful girls, their mistresses receive.- Edward dreamily stretched.

- 40

- What are you doing?- Ofigel Egik.

- I'll show you the kittens.I'll show you the girls.Cliffhanger you fucking.Maximum granny will help, and then they'll be shamkayushim mouth kissing.Smack smack smack !!!- I concluded angrily.

- Do not.I changed my mind.I take the best money.Stack c our 9-tietazhku.Buy shares and for life, work is not necessary.

- Well, well, a shareholder - angrily hissed at me and turned away.

- Come on, - by Edward purred like a cat - walk today go?

- Well, unless you today to help grandmothers would unnecessarily.- I revenged.

bell rang.We came out of the class.The survey was completed.

change at all vigorously debated the answers to each other, and then laughing and pinning over by his own reactions.

.. And the list is still kept in my stole.

As one of the memories of the school years.)

santimetrovvam How to be happy?


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