Twister: what dreams

Typically, tornadoes and hurricanes in a dream means that you'd expect in your life superior force that can invade at any time.It will be difficult to cope with this force.Your fate will be radically changed, and the violent way.In this case, you must listen to the advice of older people and to keep his mouth shut, not to speak defiance.In case if the dream of a tornado, it must be interpreted in the following way: you give a rebuff to a person who always obeyed.You will become more confident in their abilities.If you behave reasonable, then all your conflicts are resolved easiest way.Getting Around

you what side of the tornado dream?It's kind of a warning.You have to prepare for the changes in your life that are not very pleasant.The tornado, which is coming to you in a dream means that in reality you will experience panic and fear.If you dream you had taken refuge from the whirlwind, and while he was being watched, it promises performance of responsible and hard work in the coming future.Shelter from the tornado dream means that in real life you will still be taking an important and serious action.You expose yourself to unnecessary risk, if in a dream tornado picked up and carries you in an unknown direction.

If you had a tornado over land that crushes everything in its path, with the hum is heard, which does not cause you any inconvenience, in real life is a painful waiting.Soon this expectation changes to decisive action.If you dream you see that done tornado, all the troubles in real life you can avoid and do not touch.

Bshuyuschy night tornado what dream?In reality it will need to make a decision very quickly, because around you develops a bad situation.The tornado, which is raging in the daytime, mean increased competition on your at work in real life.Going by the tornado, which swept away an entire city - a warning.You must be prepared for changes in your life that will not really and pleasant.A dream in which a tornado is coming to your hometown man, and while you can not do anything, means that in reality you are helpless and weak man.You do not leave these feelings.If you dream man managed to hide, then soon you will carry out a responsible and difficult job.

In a dream you have seen a tornado, what dreams the dream?In your life, a period of change and events, which will not be stability and stagnation.If you are a tornado scared, then these will not change for the better.If you are not frightened wind force in a dream - these changes will only benefit you.

dream in which you fled from the terrible tornado, but after a while he caught you, means that you will take the complex and fateful decision.Twister what dreams if in a dream you lifted into the air and bears?In reality you will expose yourself to unnecessary risk.If you saw in a dream his death, this is a bad omen, which could mean the disease, because of which you will be bedridden.